big success

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Apr 2018 12:25:04

THE gunning down of 16 hardcore Maoists by Gadchiroli police in remote Bhamragarh tehsil of Maharashtra comes as a big blow to the red extremists and a shot in the arm of the police force. This is one of the biggest encounters in Maharashtra and should bolster the morale of the security forces operating in difficult conditions and against a force that is highly motivated and well equipped and trained in jungle warfare. This success means that the police force is now well geared to meet the challenge that the Naxalites have been posing. It is a great reward for their valour and vigil. 

Top police authorities believe that they have been able to eliminate two of the top commanders of Naxal Dalams which could give a crippling blow to their leadership and make it difficult for the cadres to sustain their extremist movement for long in the absence of top leadership. Gadchiroli police have also been able to seek surrender of several cadres in the last few years by offering them incentives for rehabilitation. This has made it difficult for the Naxalite leadership to find fresh recruits to augment their force and sustain their anti-Government campaign.
The Government had recently said that there has been a marked improvement in the situation as the security forces have been able to deal a crippling blow to Maoist activities in several parts of the country. And the Gadchiroli encounter of Sunday bears testimony to this claim. This was possible because the Central Government a few years ago realised that the Naxalite menace was spreading far and wide throughout the country and that it was beyond the means of state governments to deal with an adversary that is well trained in jungle warfare and well-supplied with arms and ammunition.

Only recently, while making a case for more funds for meeting internal security needs, the Union Home Ministry had told the Finance Commission that individual states were in no position to face the challenge of left extremists because it was much beyond ordinary civil policing and needed a specialised force. Over the last few years the Central Government has come up with much help to the affected states by way of deployment of specialised para-military forces with logistical support from the security forces, bringing about a marked change in the quality of fight the Government forces have been able to give to the Naxalites. That has resulted in pinning down the Maoists in several parts of the country and restrict their expansion.
The Government’s multi-pronged approach to dealing with the extremist elements is certainly paying dividends. In many states Governments have devised schemes for rehabilitation of surrendered Naxalites and help them start their lives anew. Besides security operations, state Governments have also been laying stress on carrying out development works in the areas cleared of Naxalite presence and thereby securing the regions that were rendered inaccessible for the administration.

One more welcome development is that the nation’s premier investigating agency, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has turned its attention to the money supply the Naxalite outfits get and the role of money-laundering in filling their coffers. NIA has been successful in unearthing the money-laundering route for terror funding in Kashmir with the arrest of top kingpins. A similar breakthrough in Naxalite funding is possible as sources of funding the left extremist forces have no longer remained secret. If the NIA is able to clamp down on them that will be one way of choking the Naxalite movement. Besides blocking the flow of money it is equally important that the sources of arms and ammunition supply to the Naxalites are also snapped. That is important for the success of the mission.