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Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Apr 2018 09:37:48



Avengers:Infinity War

By Farina Salim Quraishi

Ten years, 26 superheroes, 17 movies, six infinity stones and one raging tyrant – the end of the beginning of the end - couldn’t possibly getting any bigger than Avengers: Infinity War. Worlds are knitted together as every superhero of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), right from Iron Man to Black Panther, come together for the most ambitious crossover event of recent times. Shaking off the crushing weight of expectations right away with its outstanding opening sequence, Infinity War is just about all that one expects from Marvel Studios - thrilling, enthralling, overwhelming – and more. Making good on the promises the sleek trailers made, the roaringly relentless actioner is an action treat with comedy sprinkled liberally. Infinity War succeeds so brilliantly in leaving its fans longing for next year’s finale that summer of 2019 just can’t come a day sooner!

Starting with the much-delayed appearance of Thanos (Josh Brolin), Infinity War traces the journey and motives of the all-powerful purple mega-villain. Convinced that an intergalactic genocide is essential for the continuity and prosperity of life, Thanos is getting ready to destroy half of all life in the universe. To accomplish the ‘cleansing’, Thanos needs all the six Infinity stones - created during the Big Bang and sent off across the universe – to power his Infinity Gauntlet. Once the stones are in his possession, it would take only a snap of his ‘fingers’ to rain annihilation all around. Russo brothers have mastered the art of big and sure know how to serve it stylishly. The action sequences are plentiful, with each out-classing the other. Be it the showdowns on Titan and Knowhere or even the grandiose climax fight on tech-savvy Wakanda, all the battles are blistering and alone worth the price of the ticket. Woman power too is in full force in Infinity War, as Wanda, Natasha, Gamora and gold old Okoye are at their fiercest best.

Infinity War doesn’t pull back any of its punches and wastes no time in establishing the real stakes. The jaw-dropping sequence abroad the Asgardian space ship, littered with innumerable bodies, is abundant proof of the doom and destruction to come. No hero is safe from far-reaching implications of Thanos’ actions and each one takes a humbling beating. While all the superheroes - Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Hulk - appeared next to invincible after their standalone movies - it is something really to see the mightiest heroes come down a peg or two. With the trademark ‘super’ aura of tossed out of the universe, the vulnerability and fallibility of its heroes make Infinity War interesting and somehow very real to life. Thanos as a baddie hits the ball right out of the park with resounding malevolence. The film, densely populated by the Avengers, surprisingly belongs to the purple-hued Titan, who enjoys a strong emotional arc which touches a chord. The remorseless monster with his perverse sense of honour is wonderfully effective and easily comes tops in the
MCU villain class.

The screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, though driven by the sole purpose of dishing out ostentatious action sequences, makes room for all the Avengers effectively. Despite the sizeable crowd, each heroes’ defining characteristics are highlighted and showcased to perfection in the planet-hopping movie. Not one character, big or small, is relegated to the shadows and each gets his moment to shine. Also, all the diverse characters fit together seamlessly like a Rubix cube, with the fiction sparking laughter. The film’s sparkling sense of humour balances Thanos’ overwhelming depravity and saves the movie from being too dark. The personality clashes, conflicts and half-hearted one-upmanship efforts bring on laughs in plenty. Be it Tony Stark’s witty arrogance, Dr Strange’s skills and sarcasm, Bruce Banner’s struggle to unleash his inner Hulk, or even Star-Lord’s hyper-insecurity pitted against Thor’s hyper-masculinity are pure gold. Also, the character continuity is very strong with Infinity War picking up pieces from across 17 movies. Fans will get much joy by connecting the seemingly innocuous details.

However, with so many events and things to address, there is too much going on in the movie at any given time, commanding full interest, lest one misses out an important Marvel. The twist and turns dished out punctually strain attention at times, as do the several cliffhangers. With a run time of 2hr-40 min, the film is a lengthy watch. The pace, which is steady for the most part, hits rocky patches as the film diverts to fire up the subplots leading to the finale. Also already over-populated, Infinity War introduces a few more new faces, including the Children of Thanos – his four powerful henchmen – who lack gravitas as villains given the time constraints. However, even in the brief time, Peter Dinklage as Eitri manages to shine in his ‘big’ secret role! Riding splendidly on super-heroics of our favourite heroes and a veritable baddie, the war was never so magnificent. With the stakes higher than ever and the speculation of major characters dying not an idle one, Avengers: Infinity War has made the wait for the finale a very long one.

The Hitavada Rating: O O O O