Good career choices lead to success

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Apr 2018 10:24:11


Q. I am a young boy and a few weeks ago I fell down and had an injury. I was operated upon and I am feeling well now. But I feel like my life has ended now and I am good for nothing. My body has become weak and it pains all night. Someone casually mentioned that I was depressed, I was surprised as I never thought about it. Do I need treatment for depression?

Ans. Take an assessment of your physical status. Evaluate the long term effects of the injury and the precautions you need to take to get back to normalcy. Have a long talk with your surgeon as well as the physician. Clear your mind of all doubts and tell them to be frank with you and not to hide the truth. Then decide your rehabilitation plan with a positive mind that you will get back to normalcy soon. Yes, for the moment, you sound depressed and many times serious injuries that require bed rest and staying indoors may make you feel depressed with life.

A person with an active life style may feel depressed with his current state of affairs. But remember that this is just a temporary phase that you must bear with good humour and optimism. Surround yourself with good books and music and call your friends over in the evening. Cheer yourself up with whatever you love doing. A positive and healthy mind helps in healing physical wounds faster and depression will prolong the recovery. So treat the depression with good thoughts or seek a few sessions of counselling. We offer telecounselling for home-bound clients. Cheer up for all will be well soon. T S

Q. Recently, I lost my friend in a car accident. It affected me badly. My friends and parents helped me recover from the incident and one girl in particular helped me in getting back on my feet. But now that I’m better, I am unable to live with the guilt of my friend passing away. My sleep is gone and I lay awake all night feeling bad for having survived the accident and my unfortunate friend. I have no zest for anything in life, including studies which are boring. Please tell me what to do.

Ans. There seems to be some unconscious emotions that seems to be bothering you about the accident and the loss of your friend. Guilt is a very negative and damaging emotion and I am wondering what is making you feel guilty? There could be a number of reasons I can conjecture but I would need to meet you and talk to you in detail about it. If you could come for a few sessions I am sure we could help you overcome the grief and clear your emotional disturbances. Life has to move on and falling ill is no solution to the loss you are facing. Stay in the company of friends who are helpful to you and avoid staying alone. Meditation and prayers will help you with calming the mind and inducing good sleep at night. If you cannot get rid of it soon, it is advisable to seek counselling. Prolonged grief and insomnia will lead to depression. O B

Q. I’m a student of Class X and find my subjects very boring. I don't understand Maths and Science, though I like Social Studies and English. I like to write and paint and sing. My parents want me to take up Science and become an Engineer. They feel with language and Social Studies, I won’t be able to make much of my life. They keep pushing me and I want to run away from home and die. Can you solve my problem?

Ans. I could suggest that you encourage your parents to allow you to take the online Aptitude test from me and decide your career choices at this point of time. If your ability is low in maths and science you should not opt for careers with these subjects. The most scientific way of making the correct career choices is through the test that helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses as well as your personality and skills and interest areas and then throws up the best career choices for you. Success is important in life and hence choices that will lead to success should be made. Failures are to be avoided for it entails a loss of time, money and happiness. Every child from Std 8 upwards should take the aptitude test at least once to know about his abilities and personality. There are many career options with each subject matter. Science is not the end all of making a career.










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