Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Apr 2018 11:27:07


When things go rough for a while,

And you are not sure whether to walk a mile,
Or to slow down or wait for some time,
Or just conclude that life won’t be ever sublime.
When all you see is darkness,
Whilst you figure out if it is the world or your eyes in stress,
Or your brain desperate in flight,
To stand out from the sun and search for the light.
If everything you touch turns out to be a mess,
And your mind is too jumbled up to confess,
About the wrong turns you had been taking for a while,
Giving in to other's opinions and their opportunistic style.
Just think about the time you stood alone in the middle of the street,
Scared enough to stay still and discreet,
Yet tired halfway and then unsure
Whether on the other half of your problem lied the cure.
Backing off was something you never did,
Even when your hardest problem was too much to get rid,
You took a chance and did it anyway,
This is exactly the what i had to say.
This road you are walking might be the hardest,
But learn that the fruits from the desert tastes the best.
When around you the smoke of troubles wreathe,
Just remember dont give in, work hard, stay fit and breathe.










Shreejita Shridhar
LAD College