Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Apr 2018 11:15:52

DESPITE the Supreme Court passing the order asking Karnataka to release 177 TMC water to Tamil Nadu recently, as usual Karnataka has shown no willingness to follow the apex court’s edict. But this has been the pattern for the last many decades with both the States unwilling to agree on any formula of sharing Cauvery waters. The issue has become emotive in both the States often to be exploited politically. Now that Karnataka will be in the midst of Assembly election due in May, there is every likelihood of the Cauvery water issue gaining political centre stage. The matter has already been raked up politically in Tamil Nadu with major political parties in the State having given a State Bandh call on April 5 against the Central Government for its alleged failure to set up a Cauvery Management Board (CMB) as directed by the Supreme Court. The AIADMK is planning to move a no-confidence motion against the Central Government. Thus while Karnataka shows no sign of following the Supreme Court’s order, in Tamil Nadu it is a political chess game.


THE biggest cause of grievance of train commuters in India is the lack of cleanliness in the bogies. Indian Railways has grappled with the problem for long without much success. The Railways now plans to take help of passengers in rating cleanliness standards on trains. Poor scores will impact the contractors’ payments, as per the railways plan. There cannot be a bigger irony in this move. Commuters are the biggest source of impropriety on trains in almost every part of India. The latest example was the shocking state of the inaugural high-speed run by Tejas Express between Mumbai and Goa. Railways had anticipated mess created by passengers but the magnitude of the malfeasance left even the railways officials shocked. Damage of national assets by the stakeholders themselves is a big ill dogging the country. Making culprits to judge wrongs of their own doing and holding third party responsible for the mess is a step that would not serve any purpose. Strict on-board vigilance and strong penalty can only raise the cleanliness standards.