Coal dust crippling people’s lives in Dhanpuri colliery area

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Apr 2018 10:07:09





Our Correspondent

The coal dust clouds rising from the coal mines has became a troublesome affair for the people of Dhanpuri colliery area. Complaints pertaining to problems and losses to people have been made to the colliery mangement authorities and administration but to no avail.Residents of colliery areas are only getting assurance from authorities concerned that soon problems would be resolved although till date no action has been taken. Every year the SECL Sohagpur area earns huge revenue from coal production but no one seems to be concerned about giving facilities to the common people and residents of colliery area.

The coal dust is affecting the business and trade in the areas. Businesspersons and traders have raised the issue many a times before the public representatives, administration but no one paying heed to their plight. President of Traders’ Council of colliery area, Daulat Manwani informed that the cloud of dust could be seen all the time even in main market and road of the town. The mostly affected part due to coal dust is the business. As most of the consumers do not like visit the areas due to dust and do not do much purchasing as the products look old due to dust deposit. No matter if the product is new but it looks too old and the customer does not want to purchase it.

Along with this the haze of coal dust also affecting the health of the residents of colliery areas, as they remain exposed to the coal dust which is now resulting in several health problems. People living in these area unable to breathe properly which can lead to dreadful diseases, and the administration is not paying any heed and showing no concern. People residing in these areas do not seem to be getting relief with this problem of coal dust, and they may get relief with sprinkling of water on roads, but this is also not being done in some areas. In certain colliery areas, water gets sprinkled but that too only for one time in a day, hence as a result the dust flows entire day on the road and creates problem for people.