Goal of my life

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Apr 2018 11:31:40


A LIFE without a goal is like walking on a street without knowing the destination. Our life is made of a seemingly unreachable stairway on which we have to climb along with billions aspiring to reach the top. The journey, however, continues and we should never stop.

The goal of my life is not to be a rich or a wealthy person because I don’t want to touch lives through my money but through my good deeds and a generous heart. My first goal is to serve the Indian Armed Forces. I am determined to devote myself to my country. If a day comes in my life that I have to die protecting India, I would feel proud because my life will get a meaning, worth living. It would be a heavenly moment for me when my dead body will be draped in the Indian flag.

India is developing in these dynamic times. Yet there is a very big gap towards equality for women. Girls are still not considered at par to compete for NDA and are told they are not competent to undergo such training.
Till we do not get that one chance to prove our capability, no one can judge us. Girls have proved people wrong who considered them fit only for household works and not studies. If we get that one chance to prove that we are capable we will try our best.

I recall an unforgettable incident, a heart-breaking moment. One of my favourite teachers was talking about NDA with my classmate. Out of interest, I asked, “Sir, I feel it is incorrect to say that a girl can’t join Army through NDA.” I was disturbed when he replied, “Why do you want to join NDA? Do you want to hold guns? Do you think you will fight for the country? A girl should spend her time with family. Dreaming of such a career is hopeless”. I controlled my anger and replied, “Sir this type of response was not expected of a literate and educated person. Everyone’s dreams cannot be the same.”

I decided then and there to follow what my parents always say “Work in silence and let your success make noise”. They always support me in whatever I want to do and I feel so blessed.

If my dreams are hopeless then so be it because hope is not a dream but a way to turn it into reality. A strange thing is hopelessness is made of hope-less. Success never comes before failure but hope always comes first and if it is hopeless then it is not totally but somewhat less. So just believe in yourself because the world is made up of all sorts of people and not everyone wants you to be great. As long you believe in yourself, nothing else matters.

If we start listening to people they will not let you climb the ladder of success. Just do whatever you like and stop thinking about what people will say. The first and most important step toward success is to feel that you can succeed.

We can’t tell how many miles we have to run while chasing a dream. And last but not least, chase your dreams determinedly, believing only in yourself not people nor material things.

-Ankita Ghule, XI Science
J. N. Tata Parsi Girls' Junior College