University’s devpt not reflected in CAG report

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Apr 2018 10:15:08


By Ajay Mardikar,

The report of Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG), published recently, has pointed out several anomalies in the functioning of Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University. The Vice Chancellor of the University Dr S P Kane, however, is of the opinion that the progress made by the University in the last two years is not reflected in the report.

The CAG in its report has stated that the Academic Council was ineffective and failed to fulfill its mandate. No committee was formed to review the existing courses of study and prepare a feasibility report.
The CAG report also has stated that there was continuous shortage of teaching staff in the university and affiliated colleges, during 2012-17. This shortage of in the rage of 33% to 50%, during the last five years.

The remarks reflects a sorry state of affairs. The CAG committee might have done its duty and reported honestly. But the blame cannot be put on the University. Despite advertising the posts, the University was restricted from filling them up by the Government. The ban on recruitment still continues.

Dr Kane, when contacted said that the University has been making efforts to improve the situation. During the last two years valuation system has been improved. Almost all the results are announced within the scheduled period. They are delayed only when the internal marks or dissertation of the students are not submitted by the colleges.

The academic session begins in the University on July 1, every year. But if admissions to various courses are completed through centralised admission system upto September and October, how 90 days of teaching is possible. The CAG report has stated that 90 days of teaching is not completed. Where the University carried out the admission procedure 90 days of teaching in a semester is possible easily. The dearth of teachers due to ban on recruitment, delay in completing the centralised admission procedure, delay in releasing grants pose serious problems for the University and colleges to function.

A large number of colleges have not completed the NAAC or NBA accreditation procedure. The difficulties are similar to what the University is facing. CAG has reported that out of 600 colleges only 69 possessed active accreditation and approval from NAAC or NBA.

Out of the nine Government colleges affiliated to the University only three possess accreditation. The Government itself has not enforced its law upon its colleges. But it has made it compulsory for all colleges, for participation in the University elections on various bodies.
Financial Issues: The advances extended to valuation centres and examination centres is huge and delay in settling the accounts and updating account books is caused due to late submission of the details by these centres.

Dr Kane stated that decision to improve the situation has been taken. If an examination centre fails to submit the details of one examination before the last one, it will not get any advance for conducting the third examination. Thus every year the accounts will be settled before conduct of examinations of first session of the second year.

In case of failure to settle the accounts within the specified period, interest will be levied on the centre incharge.
Despite several difficulties, which are beyond the control of the University, it has improved its functioning. The condition of the University libraries, however, need greater attention. RTMNU being one of the oldest universities in the country, has a huge stock of books, journals and manuscripts.

It appears that the CAG report has mentioned the situation as existed a couple of years back. But the improvement in the functioning is likely to be reflected in the next audit report. The University being an academic body, experts in the field of academic audit should be included in the audit committee.