break nexus

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Apr 2018 11:12:31

Nakshatra Swati 06H 19M

Moon Tula upto 25H 07M (Rajandekar Panchang)
Paksha Chaitra Krishna Tithi Tritiya 16H 41M
Bhadra ends 16H 41M
Muslim Rajab 16th Hijree 1439

THAT separatists are still able to organise civilian protests whenever the security forces decimate terrorists or terror outfits in Kashmir, is a dirty and anti-national reality in the troubled State. It is beyond the comprehension of common Indians elsewhere in the country to know how elimination of terrorists can trigger civilian protests. They realise that terrorism and separatism walk hand-in-hand in Kashmir, a problem to which the Government has not been able to find an answer. But it must be stated without hesitation that the so-called civilian protests in Kashmir are promoted, controlled, and operationalised from across the border in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK) or mainland Pakistan. Despite this knowledge, unfortunately, the Central Government or the Jammu and Kashmir State Government have not been able to find an effective answer to the challenge posed by the so-called civilian protests. Much to the nationwide disappointment, the protests now are known to be supported even by some Indian political vested interests. The nation widely believes that no political party in Kashmir can survive in the arena without the support -- in whatever measure -- of the separatists. It is this nexus that needs to be broken with an iron hand, if we have to save Kashmir from terrorism and separatism.

This is, no doubt, a difficult ball-game. For, whichever party attempts anything like this, it will face a terrible wrath from the separatist groups that often dominate political thought and action in Jammu and Kashmir. On many occasions, when the Government tried to take stern action against the separatists, it was faced with a lot of opposition not only from the separatist groups but also from other political parties. Now also, there is a faint suspicion lurking in many minds that even J&K Chief Minister Ms. Mehbooba Mufti has a soft corner for terrorists, a belief supported by her attempts to file First Information Reports (FIRs) against some Army officers engaged in anti-insurgency measures. These FIRs indicate the ugly reality in Kashmir.

Of course, this situation cannot go on in Kashmir. The Centre will have to initiate appropriate action to curb separatism in Kashmir and also ensure that the so-called civilian protests do not go on forever. The unfortunate part of the Kashmir reality is that despite a clear picture having been made available to all mainstream national parties, there is no consensus on how to tackle separatism. Mainstream political parties seem to have a lot of points of unnecessary conflict and hostilities among various political segments. Unfortunately, most parties also follow wrong ideas of secularism in their heads and believe that any action by the Centre is wrong and undesirable. And one of the most oft-repeated point in their argument is that the Government forces indulge in wanton violation of human rights of Kashmiri people including those involved in terrorism and separatism. It is this definition that has affected negatively much of the action by the Centre against the menace.

Of course, there need not be a loss of hope in Kashmir. For, some of the recent measures by the Modi Government have got good results. Separatists are being isolated successfully in many cases through simple but carefully-planned measures by Police force. There is an element of cheer in the official circles about good signals emerging from J&K politics. It is necessary to ensure that this trend continues unabated. For, it signifies the critical contribution by the Centre in mitigating the crisis situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Even as this gain is being registered, it is necessary to make an appeal to Kashmir’s political community to avoid any thought or action that may indicate an anti-national tilt. For, that would prove disastrous for the country.