No country can progress without welfare of poor: President Kovind

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Apr 2018 10:14:36


Staff Reporter

The President Ram Nath Kovind has said that it is a reality that no country can progress without the welfare of poor, labourers and backward. Skill is needed in their work also. In the same manner, the work of tendu leaf collection is a skillful work. The tendu leaf collectors and their families accomplish this work skillfully through traditional knowledge. This work has become a medium for their livelihood and has stopped destruction of forest also. President Kovind was addressing the convention of labourers of the unorganised sector and tendu leaf collectors at the remote place Bamori of district Guna on Sunday.

Kovind dedicated and laid foundation of development and construction works costing Rs 127 crore at village Bamori. He also gave an amount of Rs one crore in the form of bonus to 10,000 tendu leaf collectors. Addressing the programme, the President said that we can safeguard our future generation by conserving forest and making good utilisation of forest produce. Nobody knows forest better than tribal and forest dwellers, forest is protector and medium of their livelihood. They protect each other and hence, the responsibility for their welfare is rest with the society and the State.Moreover, the President stated that it is a matter of pleasure that Mukhyamantri Tendupatta Sangrahak Kalyan Sahayta Yojana has been launched by the Minor Forest Produce Federation in Madhya Pradesh. Scholarship is being given by the federation under the Eklavya Chhatravratti Yojana for the education of tendu leaf collectors’ children. He further mentioned that the minimum support price scheme for 24 minor forest produce has been implemented by the Union Government so that people dependent on forest for livelihood should get reasonable price and to bring improvement in their life. This scheme will facilitate forest dwellers to get reasonable price. Moreover, the Government of India has also started Mission Mode Scheme connected with bamboo and products made from it. Processing centres based on minor forest produce are being run by the Minor Forest Produce Federation, he added.

Kovind said that the unorganised sector constitutes over 80 percent of the labour sector of the country, especially labourers engaged in agriculture and construction sector. There is an important need for social security of labourers of unorganised sector. A social security code is being made by the Union Government for the labourers of the unorganised sector so that they should not face any problem, if they fall sick, become handicapped and when they grow old. Lauding Madhya Pradesh Government, Kovind said that the State Government is doing work in this direction for a long time. Special attention has been paid by the State Government on small and village industries in the State. As a result, about 6 lakh people have got employment during the last 2 years in the State through small industrial units. He also mentioned about the improvement in the life standard of the labourers from the welfare schemes started in the State under the leadership of the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

President Kovind lays foundation of Guna Seva Bharti Hostel: The President Ram Nath Kovind laid foundation of Sahriya Boys Hostel to be constructed by the Seva Bharti Sanstha with public cooperation and Mahu-Gudha Hospital during his visit to Guna. The Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan honoured office bearers of the sanstha with shawl and shriphal on this occasion. He expressed gratitude towards Santosh Arora, the office bearer of the sanstha and his daughter Dr Shweta Arora for donating 3 bigha land in Guna city for the hostel.

Office bearers of the sanstha Rajendra Singh Raghuvanshi, Manoj Raghuvanshi, Ramendra Raghuvanshi, Mahendra Singh Sandhu and others were present in the programme.
The President Ramnath Kovind also met representatives of various social organisations in local circuit house. Kovind expressed gratitude towards them for their social work. MLA Pannalal Shakya and President Nagar Palika Rajendra Singh Saluja were present on the occasion.