Ambulance service stops as employees boycott work

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Apr 2018 10:30:32



Staff Reporter

Wheels of 108 ambulance service stopped rolling on Tuesday with the employees associated boycotted their work.
As per sources, Jigisa Health Services Company which has the contract for operation of 108 ambulance, issued clear instruction to it’s employees not to operate vehicles. These employees were continuously demanding to reduce their job hours. According to employees, they were paid off for 8 hours and forced to work for 12 hours. Later, employees started working on the shift of 8 hours only. This act irked the company, which warned to terminate all the employees with the objective to pressurise them. After company's decision to terminate employees with immediate effect, the entire system went out of control. As 108 Ambulances gone out of road, patients became the victim especially those who reside in rural areas. They failed to receive timely treatment. The entire situation left patients and their relatives in dilemma.