Gaurav Path on paper only!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Apr 2018 10:56:54



Our Correspondent


In the last four years crores of rupees have been sanctioned for the construction of roads with drains on either side, Under ‘Chief Minister Gram Gaurav Path Yojana’ in Koriya district. However, the villages are yet to see the proposed roadways but sanctioned money has already been used. 34 crores were sanctioned for the construction of CC road with drains on either side, but the drains have not been constructed, giving the excuse that they aren’t needed anymore. However, the villagers have different say in the matter, they complain that due to lack of drainage, water enters their houses during monsoon and is a cause of great discomfort. According to the report, under ‘Gram Gaurav Path’ scheme each panchayat was sanctioned budget for the construction of 200m CC road along with the drainage.

The scheme started in 2012 and it was decided to construct 222 Gram Gaurav path till 2016 and each year a fixed amount is allotted for the construction of Gram Gaurav Path. But in last four year same pattern is repeated, the roads are constructed but without the drain. While on paper it shows that the allotted money has been used for the construction of roads and drainage, half the money is being misappropriated by the dishonest contractors and Engineers. On being asked villagers state that they complained about the same to the concerned officials but their pleas went to deaf ears. They even intervened when roads were being constructed but nobody listened. At village Karji of Baikunthpur Block, 220 meters Gram Gaurav Path main road has been built by RES department at an estimate of Rs 14 lakh. The villagers of surrounding areas including the sarpanch said that they were informed during the construction that drains will be built but now it’s been two years and there is no sight of any drain.

Similarly, it was ordered to build roads along with drains in the Gram Panchayat Chirguda of Baikunthpur block, but the roads were arbitrarily built outside the village where there was hardly any population. Villagers aren’t able to use the road for commuting and there is no proper roadway and drainage system in the village. According to the report, out of 222 estimated Gram Gaurav Path, none of them are built according to the guidelines. When contacted, Rural Engineering Service (RES) Executive Engineer In-charge, Ajay Kumar Ekka said that there is provision to construct roads along with drainage under Chief Minister Gram Gaurav Path Yojana. The construction of roads has been completed in the village but drains are yet to be constructed. For some reason drains haven’t been constructed on either side of the CC road. Further information regarding the matter can only be provided after checking the record, he said.