Incomplete cement roads, uneven ramp increases accidents in city

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Apr 2018 09:47:38


Special Correspondent,

Bumpy rides due to uneven surfaces, minor mishaps leading to temporary incapacitation, poor illumination in major squares and faulty road engineering of cement roads under construction across city, has spoiled the joy of Nagpurians and except cursing the authorities and contractors, the poor citizens can do precious little. NMC officials as usual tried to play down the severity of problem by dishing out usual lame excuses and tall promises, which are seldom fulfilled. But in reality, instead of enjoying a smooth ride on a smartly laid road of second capital of Maharashtra, rich or poor alike, are getting a sense of deja vu, remembering old days when road condition was shabby and every stretch was potential disaster and accident prone spot.

Recently, a senior citizen who was on his way to home after finishing work in Dharampeth, broke his right arm. Reason- while passing from Deekshabhoomi Square to NEERI Road at around 7 pm, due to unscientific ramp on cement road, he fell and got injured. Doctor has advised him to complete medical rest for next three months as he has undergone a surgery. This is just one example of several such accidents taking place on every stretch everyday due to unfinished unimaginative work of cement roads in various parts of the city.

Cement roads have been constructed above the level of 10-15 cms from the present tar-road and therefore, a ramp has been constructed to approach the road. However, no thought has been given while erecting these ramps, which is a root cause of accidents involving senior citizens, women, and youths. Incomplete stretches of cement roads, non-functional street lights, and scattered paver-blocks on the roads have added additional risk. Sources claimed that these accidents are never reported to police stations but for medical treatment poor citizens are forced to shell out their hard-earned money and those with small businesses and self-employment have to forgo their income for couple of weeks. And so far, no authority has been held responsible for causing these untold harassment to citizens of Nagpur.


Dr Jitendra Taori, Senior Orthopedic Surgeon while talking to The Hitavada said, “Several cases of accidents were reported in hospitals during last one-and-half-years. Cement roads, metro works, potholes and ongoing digging of works by many utilities are the main culprits for such accidents. Senior citizens, who are facing Osteoporosis problems are more at the suffering end in the accidents. He said, “Spine problems, ankle problems, spondylosis due to jerk while passing through the roads, are some of the common issues that people are facing these days due to the unfinished road works.” Commenting about the ideal road conditions from the health experts perspective he said, “Cement roads should be smooth, seamless with proper illumination on roads. The incomplete roads are more dangerous for vehicle riders, particularly during night hours. Citizens get the feel of camel ride due to uneven cementing on the roads. The improper ramp is causing immense inconvenience to the people who have their residences in lanes and by-lanes that open on this blocked portion of cemented-but-not-opened road.”

The contractor did not complete the construction of ramp at Museum, nearly half km from the NMC office at Civil Lines, but unfortunately, no officer of civic body pulled up the erring contractor and gave him a dressing down for this shabby job and directed him to complete the work. Same is the situation with Bajaj Nagar Square, University Library Square to Kalpana building, Central Bazar road, Rameshwari, Pardi Road, Jaitala Road near Shitala Mata Mandir, Gopal Nagar Square, Ambazari T Point near Vivekanand Statue and so on. The list is long but local body and elected representatives have not woken up from their deep slumber to help the distressed citizens.

Senior Corporator Sanjay Bangale, Project Committee Chief stated that he had warned administration to repair the ramp for smooth and seamless passing of vehicles but rued that even his direction was not followed so far by the administration. He said, “I have repeatedly given instructions to the administration but they are not following the orders. We will issue a showcause notice under Section 72 of the MMC Act to the Engineers for not honouring the orders of the committee.” Bangale, who represents area where Chief Minister’s personal residence is located, agreed that the problem is critical and promised that NMC would definitely provide relief to harassed citizens.


Brijbhushan Shukla, a social worker said, “The contractors of cement roads have failed to arrange the paver-blocks on the side of the cement roads, and these I-blocks are also a major cause of accidents during night hours.” He has demanded to complete the road at the earliest to provide relief to the citizens. Naresh Borkar, Executive Engineer said, “NMC will conduct a drive to smooth the ramp of cement roads. The ramps are temporary and therefore, they are not seamless. Construction work at squares is difficult and so these ramps are creating problem for vehicular traffic.