Timber traders rue SDO (Forest) behaviour

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Apr 2018 10:17:13



Staff Reporter

We (timber traders) for decades, are indulged in the field of making of finished wooden goods including sofa crate, door frame, molding beats and other products. It is our determined hardwork which is popularises Jabalpur as ‘Furniture Hub’. But what Sub-Divisional Officer (Forest), Katni West, Ramlal Sharma stated is quite a harassment to us, said Umesh Parmar, President, Timber Merchant and Saw Mill Owners Association.

Parmar, Association President was addressing a press conference called on Tuesday to take their pain to the administration and common public through media.
Citing example, Parmar stressed that even government has made transportation of finished good free from ‘Transit Pass’ (TP). The goods are transported with bill only since decades. Till date these vehicles loaded with finished goods were never stopped by forest officials. But recently, Sub-Divisional Officer (Forest), Katni West, Ramlal Sharma stopped a truck loaded with finished goods near Slimnabad, seized it for not having transit pass (TP) and carried it to the Range office. What turned situation more harassing for us was allegation levelledd by SDO (Forest) that timber merchants are involved in illegal business of timber works which is going on in an organized way in Jabalpur. These timber goods are transported to different corners of the State without TP. The SDO allegedly compared timber merchants and shaw mill owners of Jabalpur with smugglers.

Parmar said that despite all logical clarifications, necessary documents and copies of government's rules shown to the SDO (Forest), he was not ready to understand the situation and went to press. Publishing a fake report in few newspapers, SDO (Forest) mis-guide common public by mentioned legal finished goods worth of Rs 20,000 only as an illegal stock of timber woods worth of Rs 4 lakh. He neither conveyed information regarding truck loaded with finished goods to his higher officers nor tried to confirm about rules. He immediately approached the concerned agency i.e. JK Timber in Jabalpur claiming himself efficient of taking action. All these activities of SDO (Forest) raise many doubts. It seems that the SDO (Forest) is doing it intensionally to settle down old equation by harassing timber merchants and saw mill owners.