Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Apr 2018 11:31:37











FOR the parents who were trying to pull their son from the disastrous course of militancy his death in an encounter with security forces within their earshot must have come as a big heartbreak. Because that Kashmiri couple in Anantnag district wanted to dissuade their teenaged son from the path of terrorism, orchestrated by forces inimical to the nation’s security. But then there is a silver lining in this otherwise gloomy atmosphere that prevails in Kashmir. In the last couple of years parents have been joining hands with the security forces to get their children away from the evil influence of separatist and anti-national forces. If this spirit spreads among families throughout the State of Kashmir a day will come when the masterminds of terror will find it difficult to get young recruits for their evil mission. But given the vitiated atmosphere in Kashmir, the task is not that easy. And the security forces are quite aware of this. But it is their initiative that will ultimately lead to getting desired result. Apart from use of force this humanitarian approach will be more effective.


AFTER raising temperatures around the world with his propensity to go for nuclear bombs and missiles tests, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is slowly opening up for reconciliatory warmth with South Korea. Kim’s appreciation of the South Korean K-pop stars is another step towards easing of tensions with the USA-backed neighbour. First came the united Korean team in last month’s Winter Olympics coupled with a charmed offensive by Kim’s sister and close confidante, Kim Yo-jong. It followed the visit to Beijing for a high-profile meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The North Korean leader is coming out of self-isolation and seeking a political space for himself before he meets US President Donald Trump by May-end. The latest ‘Pop’lomacy with South Korea is a clear signal to the US for furthering the “warm climate of reconciliation” that would mitigate the multiple sets of sanctions imposed on the North to some extent. The future, of course, will depend upon the United States’ judgement of this ‘diplomatic dance’ by the North Korean leader.