With 45% jump in earnings, Central Rly’s Ngp Divn tops country in freight growth

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Apr 2018 10:13:08


By Sagar Mohod,

Aiming to reach sky, division earns record Rs 300 cr in March alone

Leaping into big league, Nagpur Division of Central Railway scaled new heights registering biggest ever jump of earnings in its history, exceeding target by 45 per cent. The cash registers across loading points of division remained tickling throughout the year leading to receipts of Rs 2838.26 crores against target of Rs. 2351.68 crores for financial year 2017-18.
The spurt in growth at Nagpur Division is highest across 60 divisions of Indian Railways.

The exponential growth in earnings for Railways was facilitated owing to sharp increase in coal output on part of Western Coalfields Limited (WCL). Officials of Nagpur Division who showcased excellent co-ordination (between Commercial and Operating Branches) to work as per the plan under the leadership of Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) Brijesh Kumar Gupta. The result was the target was crossed in mid February only. In process a massive increase of 21 per cent over last year in total tonnage of freight was recorded which was also 24 per cent over the given target given for 2017-18.

After achieved target, division officials set out for achieving Mission 300 crores. The task was stiff but officials were confident given the order book they had they reached two days before the closure of financial year. The division had set a mark of Rs. 304.33 crores during the month of March and actual earnings were Rs. 315.86 crores, whereas during last year in same month the income was Rs. 252.82 crores.

Coal as usual continues to be mainstay of revenue as it brings in 85 per cent of division's earnings. The opening of new mines in Umrer sub-area by WCL provided the extra cream that Railway quickly lapped-up. But with DRM Gupta taking keen interest in matters relating to loading, he personally visited each of the sidings and directed engineering and electrical departments to promptly improve the facilities, loading improved notably. Free time for loading (the period for completing loading within stipulated period) was reduced from five to three hours to maximise loading within 24 hours.

Due to this loading increased, nearly seven to eight rakes daily from Umrer siding itself, owing to curtailment of time, said the division's spokesman.
From coal the total earnings were Rs. 2382.01 crores by loading 7764 rakes. The earnings increased by over 50 per cent over last year when it was Rs. 1593.22 cores with loading of 5961 rakes. Division officials planned on day to basis, the number of rakes to be loaded, ensuring timely placement, timely loading leading and ensuring faster movement and also timely unloading.

Besides coal, the marketing team of Commercial Branch tapped cement and maize traffic during the year, improving upon the last year loading. For cement loading officials had daily liaisoning with ACC which helped in better utilisation of rake. The Operating Branch led by Sr. Divisional Operating Manager (Sr. DoM) Atul Rane and Divisional Operating Manager (DoM) Sumit Badarkhe also worked in tandem with ground team of Commercial Branch and ensured placement of rakes virtually on demand. On Commercial side, Sr. Divisional Commercial Manager (Sr. DCM) K K Mishra, Assistant Commercial Manager (Goods) S G Rao and their team reached out to customers and brought new traffic of sugar from Betul and so on.

From Cement traffic the revenue generated this year is Rs. 152.31 crores through transportation of 525 rakes, an increase of 22 per cent over last financial year wherein the receipts were Rs. 124.53 crores with loading of 404 rakes.
Maize traffic was virtually new for which railways adopted a new strategy wherein DRM Gupta allowed stacking of goods at siding two days in advance. It came handy particularly at Betul, Multai, Khirsadoh as Maize was brought from Parasia. This enables savings as goods were in place when the rake was placed enabling savings of time. This is reflected in earnings which this year was Rs. 33.62 crores which showed 151 per cent increase over last year which was Rs. 13.38 crores.