Water pots for birds, animals can cause vector-borne diseases

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Apr 2018 09:44:38


Staff Reporter

In summer season the water pots hung for quenching thirst of birds and animals can help breeding of larvae of vector borne diseases. No dengue patient is diagnosed in the district yet but breeding larvae of mosquitoes can cause such diseases.
People feel frequent thirst in the summer as scorching heat sucks maximum water out of the human body. Similarly, animals and birds feel the thirst in this dry weather. To quench their thirst kind hearted people keep water pots at possible height but their busy lives do not let them change the water of pots daily that can cause mosquitoes breed in the same. People should keep water pots for birds and animals, but they should clean them every week and if possible twice in a week says Dr Akhilesh Dubey, District Vector Borne Disease Officer.

He says that the dengue and malaria are well known mosquito borne diseases. Widely spread in rainy season but researchers believe that summer is the best season to fight against dengue and malaria larvae. Mosquitoes can breed even in dry summer season and the dengue affected larvae and pupae turns into dengue spreading mosquitoes. They cause dengue fever and malaria during rainy and winter season.Not letting mosquitoes breed during summer season can prevent the dengue outbreak in the coming rainy and winter season. Health Department is running various programmes to prevent vector borne diseases like dengue fever and malaria. Our health officers are reaching door steps to sensitise people about harsh affects of collected water. Employees belonging to anti-larvae department are sprinkling insecticides to kill mosquitoes at the affected pockets of the city.

Health Officers are making their efforts but their efforts will be waste until people will be aware to fight vector borne diseases through precautionary measures. People should not let mosquitoes breed and should visit nearest doctors if they suffer dengue or malaria fever instead of using home remedies or availing medication on the basis of false judgment by chemists says, Dr Akhilesh Dubey.