Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Apr 2018 11:35:54











THE Bombay High Court has done well to issue directions to the authorities that food and beverages sold at theatres should not be priced more than the stipulated price marked on the merchandises. This order will bring relief to lakhs of people who visit cinema theaters in multiplexes as they would be able to get those goods at regular prices. This particular directive of the Bombay High Court would also make a great impact on sale of food and beverages in multiplexes across the country. Though they could not do anything in that regard, common people often resented the very high prices they had to pay for food and beverages at multiplexes. In the first place, they were not allowed to carry their own food and beverages into the multiplexes, and were made to pay shockingly high prices for whatever food items they would purchase in the theatres. Their resentment finally got addressed much to everybody’s delight and relief. It was atrocious to have to buy food items for exorbitant prices. The High Court order should be implemented now without any delay.


THE Government has done well to decide to print what it calls a certified ‘Quitline’ number on packs of all tobacco products including cigarettes from September 1, 2018. This will be a facility for those who wish to quit the habit of tobacco but are not in a position to do so because of the addictive compulsion. Contacting the ‘Quitline’ number will help the addicts in making up the mind against consumption of tobacco in any form. One of the most critical times for the addicts is when they get afflicted by withdrawal symptoms. Once they try to wean themselves away from the addictions, the withdrawal of the bad substance from their body-system causes a lot of pain to the persons. So, in order to get over that pain, they get back to the addiction. On many occasions, even when they wish to quit the bad habit, they do not get an immediate counselling support. That makes them all the more miserable. The ‘Quitline’ number will help them reach a counselor at least on phone so that they get an endorsement of positive action. Let us hope, this approach works positively.