IGNTU holding series of lectures to mark Dr Ambedkar Jayanti

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Apr 2018 10:16:17



Our Correspondent

On the occasion of Dr B R Ambedker’s birth anniversary, this year Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, through it’s Dr. Ambedker Chair, is organising series of programmes which includes special lectures, elocution – essay – writing and quiz competition for students, national seminar on relevance of Ambedkerism, special symposium on Indian consititution, Dr Ambedker endowment oration along with screening documentaries and film. The main aim of these programme is to spread awakening about Dr. Ambedkar’s thoughts, Indian Constitution with fundamental rights and duties as well as sensitising students about social evils like gender-caste-tribe discrimination and nature of exploitation in Indian society.
The first of this series, a special lecture was delivered by Avinash Pandey, Asian Human Rights commission, Hong Kong on ‘Rethinking Rights of the Marginalised Communities: Contemporary Relevance of Dr. Ambedker and Mahatma Jyotiba Phule’. He discussed that, caste has been fossilised and graded system and how till 19th century all anti-caste movements emerged in the garb of religious movements but with the modern reformer like Mahatma Phule anti-caste struggle appeared with the movements for humanism, which Dr Ambedkar furthered to movements for rights and equality. He, also, added that in modern times, its State’s role to establish equality in the society.

Prof Kishor Gaikwad, Chairperson of Dr Ambedkar Chair in Social Justice and Empowerment of Tribal Population, added that, spoke about how caste institution has been, only, the deciding factor of priorities and advantages in economic, political, religious as well as cultural life in India. In the contemporary scenario, despite of a lot of migration to the urban centres, caste remained the most important facet of Indian identity. Rather, today’s cosmopolitan cities are nothing but assemblage of caste specific clusters. He further added that, in contemporary globalised world, it has become more difficult to register voice of dissent against the caste discrimination.The programme was conducted by Rohit Borlikar.