LBS Govt Hospital to avail anti-rabbis injections

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Apr 2018 13:58:07


Staff Reporter,


Now the dog bite victims will not be perturb for searching anti-rabbis injections if it gets finished in Lal Bahadur Shashtri Hospital, Supela as now the hospital management can use the fund from Jeevan Deep Samiti and purchase the injections. A decision in this regard has been finalised by Jeevan Deep Samiti which will facilitate the victims. 

Presently the city is experiencing a rise in the cases of dog bite and everyday dog bite victims are reaching Supela government hospital for treatment. Due to the number of victims more and the supply of injections less in number the hospital faces scarcity of injection. Due to which the victim faces problem and they had to purchase it from outside. Those competent can buy injections but poor people had to suffer and go without treatment.

Presently injections are available in the hospital but in last two days about 24 cases of dog bite have been reported who have been treated. President of Jeevan Deep Samiti, MLA Vaishalinagar Vidya Ratan Bhasin has given instructions for purchasing injections from the fund of the Samiti, this will facilitate the victims as we will not have to wait for the supply of injections and can provide immediate treatment, informed Dr B P Tiwari, Incharge LBS Govt Hospital Supela Bhilai.