Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Apr 2018 11:46:31

HAVING witnessed the real estate i n d u s t r y taking a nosedive in the past some time, professional organisations of real estate developers and consultants have begun insisting upon efforts to boost demand and funding so that a better time emerges. Because economic interests of heavyweights are involved, the Government might undertake certain measures to help the real estate industry.

Yet, it must be understood at this stage that the current problem in the realty industry has cropped up because of its own fault. The real estate industry thrived heavily on black money extracted mainly from helpless middleclass home buyers who converted their white money into unaccounted transactions all over the country. A time did come when such transactions became difficult and also impossible in large numbers. Another reason for the problem in real estate sector was an absolutely wrong projection of future demand based on misjudged pace of urbanisation. Almost everybody fell victim to that temptation and bought trouble. Whose fault is this, dear friends?


THE city of Pune has encountered a peculiar problem of vehicles outnumbering human population. This may be a unique distinction for Pune but the development also points to a grave threat automobiles will pose to urban population in the near future. The sheer magnitude of vehicle production and its use in cities is mindboggling. True, automobiles have become a necessity, at least in urban areas, but their unrestrained production for the sake of commercial gains will ultimately cost the town planners and civic administration badly.

Lack of parking spaces, pollution and clusters of vehicles usurping public utility lands have become common sights all over the country. Pune’s case should now alert the government and planners to immediately put restrictions on mindless production of vehicles. One way to dissuade overuse of own vehicles is an efficient public transport facility. Unfortunately, the civic authorities have failed to focus on this basic issue. If the situation is not handled with urgency then cities will turn into clogged vehicle hubs.