‘Any brand is like a human being’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Apr 2018 09:47:15


Business Bureau,

“WHEN you are gone, will anyone ever miss you,” asked Avik Chattopadhyay, Co-Creator, Expereal at TiEcon 2018 at the beginning of the session on ‘Product Planning and Branding.’
Chattopadhyay, who is an entrepreneur from Noida, said: “Brand is like a human being and is born to die”.

According to Chattopadhyay, there are four stages of a brand life cycle -- Fascination, Familiarity, Frustration and Fatigue. Elaborating brand to be greater than logo, slogan, advertising and a Facebook page, he said, “A brand promises to deliver consistency. With so many brands around you, it is easy to lose your identity and become a ‘me too’. A brand must have a strong brand idea,” he said.

With examples of big giants, he explained the importance of vitality, intuitive usability, redeemer, entitlement, democratisation, empowerment.
“To build a brand idea, one must think of delivering what others can’t deliver, one must ask why I exist, who am I, what are my target needs and who am I truly is. A brand must create sustainable value. All successful brands tell good stories because as human being we buy a story, we don’t buy a physical product,” Chattopadhyay noted.

According to him, disruption was made up of ‘dis’ -- meaning challenging conventional ecosystem of innovation; ‘rupt’ - meaning creative imbalance comes up with innovative solutions and ‘tion’ - meaning continuous, moving solution/products created to have long term sustainability.
Ramesh Daryapurkar, CEO of Lars Enviro, one of the successful SMEs from the city with presence in 21 countries, narrated his success story. Daryapurkar also clarified the wrong myths about doing export. Rahul Dixit, former President of TiE Nagpur Chapter conducted the session.