‘Funding gets easy for start-ups with disruptive idea’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Apr 2018 09:42:35


Business Bureau,

INVESTORS are always scouting for start-ups with a brilliant new idea, product or service that has the potential of disrupting the market and vanishing competition. It becomes very easy for such start-ups to negotiate with investors and raise capital and get through to the next level of fund raising. In the early stage, a start-up should have a ready prototype of the brilliant idea to demonstrate its capability and draw the attention of the investors.

“Funding gets easy for start-ups with brilliant idea,” said Mahavir Pratap Sharma, Chairman and Co-founder of Rain, while talking at the panel discussion on the topic ‘Decoding the start-up investment: Key takeaways for starts and budding investors,’ at the TiEcon event organised by TiE Nagpur here in the city on Saturday.

Sharma emphasised that the new idea with a start-up must change the way things were done at an affordable way. The idea should be scaleable and the cost of customer acquisition should not be very high.

Another panelist, Vishwas Mahajan, Founder of Lifeline said that at TiE Pune was conducting a programme for start-ups called ‘Nurture’. The 6th batch of 18 entrepreneurs would be graduating on April 13. In the programme, investors worked closely with the start-ups and spent about 9 months mentoring them and identifying their key strengths and potential to scale up.

Panelist Amitabh Shrivastava, Venture Capitalist of IAN said that the founder of a start-up should not have less than 60 per cent share holding. Start-ups needed to manage their capital and not lose their control over the company.
Shashikant Chaudhary, Executive Member of TiE Nagpur was the moderator of the session.