‘Performance and ethics should go hand-in-hand’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Apr 2018 06:57:24


Business Bureau,

The 7 Edition of two-day TiEcon begins

Over a dozen brainstorming sessions held on the first day of the much-awaited annual event TiEcon 2018 hosted by TiE Nagpur Chapter on Saturday compelled all the participating entrepreneurs and students to think beyond their imaginations.

As the expert speakers, representing different walks of the business world, kept on sharing their views one after another, it seemed that everyone sitting in the auditorium of Persistent Systems was engaged in a deep thought process.

The real life experiences, stories, analyses on prevailing business scenario and the logical elaborations
put forth by the speakers also sharpened the participants paving the way to plan effective strategies for their ventures.

While the experts guided the participants on developing businesses, product planning and branding, investments in startups and business operations in the highly competitive world, they also urged the business fraternity to create value through ethical practices.

Pradeep Bhargava, Past Chairman of CII Western Region and former Director of Cummins India Limited, in his address, said that the performance and ethics should go hand-in-hand. “Why should your performance suffer when you are following ethics in business world? You should not choose anyone of these two crucial aspects,” he said.
Equating ethics and performance to quality and quantity, he said that gone are the days when people could enjoy quality of products or its quantity.Bhargava also said that though ethics did not change with the situation, people tend to mould it as per their convenience.

Bhargava further said that many well-known business entities collapsed because they set aside the path of the ethics in a bid to achieve success. While some of the corporate houses like Tatas have gain trust of masses by way of practicing ethical values.

Bhargava, who is a key contributor to famous ‘Pune Model’ to mitigate load-shedding, pointed out that startups should learn to follow business ethics right from the day one.

“Often the startups skip ethical practices saying they are in an early stage of their business. It is also not justified to compromise on ethical values even if one is doing a noble cause. Unethical is unethical at any given point and should be avoided,” he said while advising the participants to bring in radical changes in their lives.

Bhargava added that mere following certain set of rules like traffic signals at junctions should not mean that one is ethical in conduct. At the outset, Prashant Godbole, former President of TIE Nagpur, introduced the speakers.