CG accuses Odisha of violating CWC decision on equal water distribution

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Apr 2018 10:50:04


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WRD requested CWC for installation of Gauging Devices at Indravati river and Jouranalla to ensure equal distribution of water post monsoon between two states

Accusing Odisha of violating Central Water Commission (CWC) decision on equal distribution of Indravati river water, Chhattisgarh has shot a letter to Government of Odisha seeking strict compliance of the decision. While in another letter to the CWC, Water Resources Department (WRD) of Chhattisgarh Government requested the central agency to install Gauging Devices at Jouranalla and Indravati River to ensure equal distribution of water.

WRD Secretary Sonmoni Borah said that local farmers of Odisha attempted to obstruct the opening of the control structure to change the direction of flow of water towards Chhattisgarh which was built on the left banks of the Indravati river. It was found during an inspection by the Bastar district collector and Executive Engineer of Water Resources Department (Chhattisgarh) on March 19, 2018.

Borah said that two control structure were constructed near Sutepadar village (Odisha) on Jouranalla and Indravati river as per decision of CWC for equal distribution of water for Chhattisgarh state and Odisha state. As per the agreement made on December 24, 2003, both state will get 50:50 water share during post monsoon period (November to June) at bifurcation point of Jouranalla. But presently, the volume of water flow towards Chhattisgarh from Indravati is found to be less than agreed share, Borah said.
At the time of inspection, 3.37 Cumecs of water was flowing from Indravati river towards Chhattisgarh region where as 4.06 Cumecs water was flowing in Jouranalla towards Odisha state.

In his letter, Borah said that the state feels an immediate requirement to install gauging devices at suitable locations on Jouranalla as well as on Indravati river by the CWC to ensure equal distribution of water and to implement the inter-state agreement. Borah urged the CWC to ensure monitoring of the situation and take immediate steps for installation of gauging devices at the control structures in Indravati river and Jouranalla.

When contacted, Pradeep Kumar Jena, Secretary, WRD, Government of Odisha, said that he had not received any letter from his Chhattisgarh counterpart as on Saturday. “Neither I have received any letter from Chhattisgarh nor have any information about alleged mischievous act by farmers of Odisha at Indravati river and Jouranalla. Therefore, I cannot say anything for the time being,” said Jena.