Total waste

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Apr 2018 11:25:11

IT CANNOT be a matter of pride for the Opposition parties to have wasted a whole session of Parliament over protests that made little sense in the ultimate analysis. To the contrary, it should be treated as a matter of shame that all the Opposition parties made a mockery of the spirit that Parliament stands for -- the spirit of togetherness in decision-making and law-making. What is expected ideally to take place in Parliament is thinking about the nation’s journey to a bright future through debate, discussion, and learned discourse on issues of paramount importance. What was in witness in Parliament’s recent session that ended on Friday was exactly the opposite of the ideal. Opposition parties seemed intent upon not allowing any business to be transacted in either of the Houses of Parliament. They frustrated all efforts of the Government to work out a method to get going with the regular business. Cheap politics was foisted upon the highest law-making body, as a result of which the whole session turned out to be the least productive in decades. That was very unfortunate. 

This wasted session of Parliament, however, proved one thing clearly -- that the Opposition did not have any specific develop-oriented agenda to fight for. Its sole aim appeared to be the disruption of parliamentary process so that the Government cannot function in a normal manner through parliamentary route. The purpose behind this obstinacy was that the Government would get portrayed in a poor light for not cooperating with the Opposition, particularly in the election year.

The reality, however, is different. The the Opposition game-plan did not succeed at all. Because it indulged in wanton disruption of the parliamentary process no matter the Government’s appeals to cooperate, the Opposition collectively got dubbed as anti-democracy. That is the reason why Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi described Congress as a party that throttles democracy. The last two weeks of the session saw Opposition parties allowing their own No-Confidence motions go waste due to their own protests.

Of course, there is yet another dimension of the political reality: The Opposition knew very well that it cannot succeed in No-Confidence motions because of the numbers that favoured the Government. So, instead of pushing for No-Confidence motions at least to be tabled, the Opposition parties continued indulging in wanton protests that made little sense on the ground of reality. So, even when some parties were trying to push through their respective motions of No-Confidence, the protests kept stalling all their efforts.
It is this aspect that will haunt the Opposition when nation goes to the polls in the next one year. Even though the Opposition claimed that its strategy of stalling parliamentary business succeeded, it must be admitted that it was the Bharatiya Janata Party that won the match.

For, the whole nation saw through the Opposition design of keeping Parliament disrupted. In an election year, this is going to cost the Opposition a lot of credibility. The common people now know that the Opposition parties have no issues to highlight, no solutions to national problems to seek. When such an overarching public opinion gets formed about Opposition, then it has obviously lost the battle.