Various rituals to be held on Jinalaya anniversary

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Apr 2018 10:43:53


Staff Reporter,


Bhairav Society located Seemandhar Swami Jain Mandir and Jinkushal Suri Dadabadi will organize different rituals on the anniversary of Jinalaya and Seemandhar Swami Janm Kalyanak from April 9 to 11. These rituals will be performed in the gracious presence of Pravartini Vikshan, Sushishya Marudharmani, Sadhvi Maniprabha, and Shishyavrindo.

Shri Seemandhar Swami Jain Mandir and Dadabadi Trust President Sanghvi Santosh Baid and Secretary Mahendra Kochar informed that festival will begin with Parshvanath Panchkalyanak Puja at 12.36 pm on the first day. The Puja will be held by Nathmal, Vijay Kumar, Jaikumar, Santosh Kumar and Dr. Dharamchand Baid family. A musical group Vimalnath Mahila Mandal Bhairav Society will present devotional songs at 8 pm on the same day.

Second day will begin with Abhishek Vidhan of all the idols of the gods at 8 am, which will be attended by Nathmal, Vijay Kumar, Santosh Kumar and Dr. Dharamchand Baid family. On the same day at 8 pm, Seemandhar Mahila Mandal will present the musical evening, which will be followed by many other rituals.