‘Start-up valuation is on cash flow’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Apr 2018 11:06:36


Business Bureau,

The panel discussion at TiEcon rotated around five young people who had already taken the plunge of entrepreneurship and created a mark with their start-ups. When asked a question on how their start-ups were valued. All the panelists agreed that their start-up valuations were on the basis of cash flow and how much market share they could capture. The five panelists were speaking on the topic ‘Start-up evolution: A journey to reckon with’ at the premier TiEcon event organised by TiE Nagpur Chapter at Persistent Systems Limited, IT Park, Parsodi,Nagpur on Sunday.

The panelists were Angad Singi, Founder of Lithos Motors, Kunal Gadre, Founder of FinEffi Energy, Sahil Chawla, Founder of tSecond, Udit Kejriwal, Founder of Trapigo, Aditi Rohan, Founder of Elanic. In the session, the panelists were asked various questions regarding their start-ups to which different replies came out.

All the panelists passionately talked about how they set up their companies and attracted new people to work with them. They also shared how they managed and handled various activities.
Jay Chopde, Corporate Member of TiE Nagpur was mentor of the session.