Cycling enthusiast peddling his way across country

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Apr 2018 09:38:24



By Pallavi Singh

“I left my job as a mechanical engineer and the journey which was initially to be of four months turned out to be of two years which is still ongoing and not even once I have regretted my decision of leaving the job to explore the country. My life which was all about going to office and coming back has turned completely upside down. Now, everyday has something new and surprising in store for me,” said 32-year-old Mohammed Izhaar, a resident of Mysore, Karnataka. Izhaar, a mechanical engineer by profession and a cyclist by passion is on an all India touring mission. He was in Bhopal for a few days as a part of his tour and shared his experiences and the journey so far.

When you love something, you do it no matter how hard it seems to others, it is the only thing that gives you happiness. This is visible in the eyes of Izhaar, who is all for his passion of cycling and scaling the length and breadth of the country riding on his cycle. Izhaar started his journey in March, 2016 from Bengaluru and which was initially to be a journey of four months upto Kanyakumari turned to be of two long years, in which he covered more than 29,000 kilometres across 25 States of the country.
He also walked for around 2200 kilometres in Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Izhaar has been on the road with his cycle for 750 days now and is still going on to complete the mark of 1,000 days.

Talking about the beginning of this journey he said, “I was bored of the moribund routine life so I started cycling in Bengaluru and moved on to running and trekking. Initially for two years I explored the areas around Bengaluru on my bicycle and finally made up my mind to go on a bicycle tour upto Kanyakumari. But then it extended for six months and now here I am riding on cycle across the country for two years. I have travelled across the country seeing various cultures and interacting with people. Initially I used to take hotels which used to cost a might but then I started camping for cost cutting. The states which are left and are on my list are Jharkhand, Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram.” Izhaar covers for almost 100 kms a day and is also joined by people from time to time. He is also hosted by cyclist groups in various cities.

“Cyclists in Bengaluru helped me a lot with contacts and other stuff. In fact they also did crowd funding and managed to get a sum of Rs 70,000, which will help me to go on with my journey for another year. People do ask me questions and look at me with curiosity but then it is all a part of journey,” said a smiling Izhaar. Talking about his experiences he said, “I loved Jammu and Kashmir, the scenic beauty, calm surroundings and even the people are really nice. I have stayed there the longest. I love staying more in places which are less crowded as compared to the crowded ones. It becomes a problem to find a place for camping in crowded cities which is another problem.” Izhaar also explored Bhopal and as per him Tribal Museum is the best museum he has ever seen. From Bhopal he will be heading towards Delhi from there to Himalayan Foothills, Nepal and finally end his journey in Mizoram. “I stay in Temples, Gurudwaras, Mosques, wherever there is a place. I camp if I find a suitable spot. I have accepted this life with happiness. These two years are the best years of my life and it could not have been better,” he added with a glint of satisfaction in his eyes.