Entrepreneur is a doer: Amit Kumar

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Apr 2018 11:22:02

Entrepreneur is a doer Amit Kumar Right side Pankaj Poddar


Business Bureau,

“Entrepreneurship is not about wealth, but it’s about value. It is not about ‘coolship’ but about hardship,” said Amit Kumar, Vice-President Quikr and Co-Founder of Zimmber.
Kumar was speaking on the topic, ‘Strategies that Scale the Startups’, at TiEcon 2018. Amit Kumar, a Mechanical Engineer formed a company Zimmber which helped people in home services, said, “An entrepreneur is a doer and not just a dreamer.” Explaining the strategies to scale up, he said, “Scale like nature-fractal structure, experiment, standardise, set matrics, deploy and control.”

The main principle to scale up are automate and delegate, volume or quality, growth or profit, roll out what you can roll back, fail early, fail fast, fail forward and grow company, team and self, he added.
Amit Kumar also said, “An entrepreneur must not think of being a boss but he must think of being a leader. He must not only think of getting rich but also enrich himself with values and ideas.”

“Scaling is the process when one can systematically accelerate growth,” said Pankaj Poddar, Co-Founder of Hipcouch while speaking on the topic ‘Strategies that Scale the Startups’.

“I have to wait for a year to find customers. But was able to earn handsome money when I myself went for closing up my deals. I was dealing in interior decoration solutions for homes and offices. Later, I sold the company. I suggest that a start-up must not be a data-driven but data-informed entity. I also suggest that a product must be market-fit, an entrepreneur must have repeatable sales model and customer acquisition model as well. I insist an entrepreneur must first give importance to his people, as they are the one who make the product and if both the things are right, the third -- profit -- comes automatically. I caution the entrepreneurs on when to go in the scaling mode,” said Poddar while sharing his experience about when he floated his company.



Culture, competitiveness, compliance are must for best HR practise: Shergil

“AN entrepreneur must accept people as his main agenda,” said Prithvi Shergil, Co-Founder of Smarten Spaces, while addressing TiECon 2018 on Sunday.

In his dialogue on ‘Driving Firms HR Practices to make Human Resource Meaningful’, Shergil lay emphasis on key aspects of Human Resource (HR). A HR (owner) must re-think to make employees responsible for the growth of the organisation. According to Shergil, every entrepreneur must concentrate on the 3 ‘Cs’ for growth of the entrepreneurship. The 3 ‘Cs’ are culture, competitiveness and compliance.

An organisation must have its core beliefs and everyone including the entrepreneur must take its ownership. An organisation must align the beliefs into action. An organisation must also bring in right talent, he added.
Shergil also said that there must be consequence to every occasion. An HR must not be a people’s pleasure but must work for doing right things. At the onset, Prithvi Shergil was introduced by Sameer Bendre of Persistent Systems.