Govt deposits scholarship amount in students’ accounts; Only 30% recipients pay college fees

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Apr 2018 10:09:04


Staff Reporter,

in a good news for the colleges as finally State Government has deposited scholarship amount directly in eligible students’ accounts as a part of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme. As a bad news for the colleges, nearly 30 per cent of the beneficiary students failed to pay fee to the respective colleges from the scholarship amount received from the government under the DBT.

Colleges had to endeavor to get that money from students. Now, rest of the 70 per cent beneficiary students have denied the receipt of any amount related to scholarship. To add to the woes of the colleges, the Government has yet not given the scholarship amount of the year 2017-18 as promised by it through the Government Resolution dated December 8, 2017.

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) that was formed to unearth the scholarship scam had suggested DBT which is adopted by the Government. While implementing the DBT, the Government forgot to give a thought to the aspect of transfer of the amount deposited in students’ accounts to the colleges’ ones.

During the issuance of the GR, most of the colleges had expressed fear that students would vanish with the amount but it failed to make Social Justice Department think over it.
The process of DBT has been delayed by a year. It was announced in the year 2017. Now, finally, the Government has deposited the amount of scholarship in the accounts of beneficiary students but colleges have a hard time to get transferred that amount to their accounts against students’ fee. Still the colleges could manage only 30 per cent of the students turning up to them. A large percentage of the students denied of receipt of any scholarship amount.

To add to the problems of colleges, some amount of this scholarship to be deposited in the accounts of the students bounced back. The reason behind it is for this DBT, the students were supposed to open their own accounts in the banks. Most of the students came from poor background so they had to open zero balance accounts. The banks made it clear that these students would not get cheque book. Also, these students would have amount limit for withdrawing and depositing. For example, a particular bank has fixed a limit of Rs 30,000 for withdrawal and depositing. The college in which he is studying charges Rs 1 lakh as tuition fee. Naturally Social Justice Department would deposit Rs one lakh in his account. But this bank would not allow to get deposited Rs one lakh as it has fixed the limit of Rs 30,000. The amount about Rs 30,000 would bounce back. It also means that colleges have to suffer and make rounds of bank and Social Justice Department to get the remaining amount.


Amount of 2017-18 still pending

The scholarship amount of the year 2017-18 to be given to colleges is still pending with the Government. A delegation of engineering colleges had met Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, last year in December. He had promised that the 60 per cent of the total dues would be given to colleges directly. A Government Resolution (GR) in this regard was issued on December 8. But not a single penny of the pending amount is paid to the colleges and the reasons is best known to the Government.