Start-ups should worry about competitors, says Ramnathan

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Apr 2018 10:52:18


Business Bureau,

Guhesh Ramnathan, Excubator on Sunday suggested start-ups that if they align with large companies, they do not know that start-ups exist for them. “Start-ups have to worry about their competitors. Figure out protection pieces and go ahead,” he said at a TiEcon 2018 session-- Why start-up is valuable to large companies-- at Persistent Systems Hall on Sunday.
He continued that for start-ups to align with large companies, they should have great product full of innovation.

Sunil Ranka of Z Nation Lab said, any investor before investing in any start-up find innovation. They see which company is the partner and which is the exit route. “When you are building a start-up you have to see a gap where corporate can acquire. A start-up journey is not like a marathon, it is more than it, you have to cross million miles,” he suggested.
S Natarajan, Strategic Partner of Intel asked the audience that which company will be biggest company in the world in five years. There was no reply from the audience. Natrajan said, “This is the premise where all the companies in the world are trying to disrupt the market.”

He said, India’s start-up boom has funded support from different quarters. Typically hardware start-up face higher product development costs.
He said, “Corporates always see internally how start-up help them to do things for them and come up with disruptive ideas.” The session was moderated by Vishnu Tambi of Excellon Software.