Desire for importance

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 May 2018 14:55:00


We crave for importance,

This is what drives us,
On the track of ambition,
All our originality rusts!

Centre of attraction we want to be,
All the worldly glories in our name we want to see,
We can’t let others have a forward leap
Then how our materialistic ego is going to feed?

We Wait for Godot,
Godot never arrives,
We want to conquer all,
Still doesn’t suffice,
Chill penury of our desires,
Not let us break the ice!

Flattery soothes,our temporary gains,
As ‘id’ stands for idiots,’Ego’ for name,
Can ‘court of arms’ reduce angst pain?

Let all the mansions ‘Rest In Peace’,
Let in silver lining our clouds cease!
Dust is the origin,dustier are the tracks
Searching for the meaning which our existence lacks!












Laveena Keswani
Hislop College.