Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 May 2018 12:09:36










THERE is little doubt that the latest Korean development has all the propensities to change the global diplomatic equations in a dramatic and drastic manner. For a while, United States President Mr. Donald Trump might have felt good about his own prowess to influence global events by his extreme positioning on issues. But it was not before long that he must have realised that the Koreans are perhaps smarter than he had -- or others in high places in global diplomacy -- imagined. In an almost rapid-fire drama, the Koreans are taking steps that are set to disturb many an equation in American diplomatic activity in particular.

Prima facie, the North Koreans seem to follow the near-dotted line which the Americans had purportedly drawn for them. But North Korea’s supremo Mr. Kim Jong Un took quick steps to extend a hand of conciliation to South Korean President Mr. Moon Jae-in a manner that the Americans had least expected, let alone their outward claims of a successful diplomatic jugglery over the past few weeks. The Americans were almost sure that they would have to do a lot of arm-twisting before they could force the North Korean adamance into submission. And naturally when much arm-twisting takes place, different equations operate subsequently. All those American predilections now stand to be redefined in a big way. For, with their smart response to the US pressures, the Koreans -- both North and South -- have turned the game away from the grip of Mr. Trump, who seems to have lost an upper hand by now.

When these developments are seen against the background of angry posturing of both Mr. Donald Trump and Mr. Kim Jong Un threatening to push the world almost to the brink of a serious nuclear confrontation, a realisation dawns on the horizon showing an altogether different picture. Mr. Kim Jong Un, now, does not appear to be that rabid and trigger-happy dictator who would target anybody in the world just out of his sweet will. Much to the contrary, he appears to be a reasonable and rational leader who would not invite unnecessary trouble. Whether North Korea would really close its N-testing site or not only time will tell. But obviously the Americans had least expected this to happen so soon. More surprises may come.