Officers to complete work within time limit and become proactive: Divi Commr

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 May 2018 10:21:53


Staff Reporter

The Divisional Commissioner conducted a meeting of officers and reviewed the progress of works.The officers were instructed to complete the work within time limit and become proactive. The continuous monitoring should be conducted and sub ordinate officers should be guided.
He also viewed the Power Point Presentation (PPP) given by divisional officers. During the review of the agriculture department, instructions were given to prepare the wormy compost unit and more and more bio gas plants should be installed. The peasants should be provided the benefit of government schemes through different departments. More and more benefit of agriculture pond scheme should be conveyed to peasants. He also instructed to identify such fields where under ground water level is declining and scheme for increasing the under ground water level should be conducted and people should be made aware about under ground water recharging. The agriculture based workshops should be conducted. He also instructed to get the young entrepreneur benefited by Chief Minister Young Entrepreneur Scheme with co ordination of the industry department.

Divisional Ayush Adhikari was instructed to conduct the treatment camps in backward colonies and treatment should be done with the help of health examination. During the review of the health, Women and Child Development department he instructed to make special efforts for nutrition of children. Highly malnourished children should be kept in Nutrition Rehabilitation Centres for enough time for nutrition.The officers from industry department were instructed to identify, verify the unorganized sectors labourers and registration related information should be taken to provide benefit of government schemes to them. In the urban areas, information about the availability of potable water, transporting the potable water under the Urbal Welfare Department were taken. The officers said that potable water is being supplied at nine urban areas of Chhindwara by transport.

The Divisional Commissioner also instructed to 100 percent utilize the Prime Minister Housing Scheme. During the review of the veterinary department, instructions for betterment of hospitals for artificial fertilization were also given. He also asked to work on ‘Kadaknath’ cock rearing.
The instructions were also given to ensure the distribution of remaining cycles within 15 days under free cycle distribution scheme. Instructions for full utilization of hostels of students welfare department and their strengthening were also given. The hostel allowance should be given to students timely.