Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 May 2018 10:11:26

IN INDIA agriculture is one of the most ill-managed sectors and as a result is in a perpetual distress. It is not for nothing that countless farmers have been unfortunately choosing the easiest path to end the drudgery -- suicide. The truth is that in spite of tall claims of planning, every year tells a story of distress. For example a couple of years ago there was a crisis of shortfall in the production and supply of pulses and prices had sky-rocketed to astronomical levels. Farmers were then encouraged to take up pulses production and the country stared at a bumper crop of tur dal, so much so that the prices touched rock bottom and there were hardly any buyers.

The farmers were left with huge unsold stocks and the Government was saddled with lakhs of tonnes of tur stocks. The same is the situation with sugarcane and sugar. The country is witnessing near glut of sugar this year so much so that the factories are not getting the price and hence are in no position to pay the farmers’ dues. The same is the case with onion. This is vicious circle. It is a clear case of poor management by the Government.


THE high-decibel campaigning for the Karnataka Assembly election, though has ended, it is not without concern that the common man in the country is looking at this election campaign where an unprecedented quantum of cash and freebies were seized during the election period. According to the Election Commission, since the model code of conduct came into force on March 27, Rs. 80.91 crore in cash, Rs. 65.21 crore worth of freebies and about 5.25 lakh litres of alcohol worth about Rs. 24.35 crore were seized. This is in comparison to 67,935 litres of alcohol and Rs. 13.42 crore cash in 2013.

The State will vote to elect 223 legislators as the election in the Jayanagar constituency was postponed following the death of the BJP candidate. The trend of freebies distribution in election perhaps began from southern States, rapidly spreading to other parts. Now these have become an indispensable part of elections in India. The ECI must act sternly against this trend and take measures to check free flow of freebies. The trend nauseatingly puts the gullibility of the voters in sharp focus.