IMA Durg opposes cancellation of license of blood bank of JLN Hospital

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 May 2018 13:14:41


Staff Reporter,


Indian Medical Association (IMA) Chhattisgarh has the decision of cancellation of license of blood bank of JLN Hospital Sector 9 Bhilainagar anti people. IMA Durg strongly opposed cancellation of the license of blood bank, a high quality of hospital by department of government which itself is always in of doubt. President Dr. Arshad Siddiqui treats the order as nothing but with life of people of state under a planned conspiracy. It is confirmed by the action of fixing a photo copy on the wall of blood bank on 5th May at 3 pm. 

While this order was issued from Raipur on 28th April, hence it seems to be an action of conspiracy and a matter of investigation. One fails to understand the action when patients were being operated in operation theatre and everything was stopped in two minutes. Time could have been given to remove the problem. After road accident, national highway is not closed for traffic. On 6th August 2017 Chhattisgarh Food and Drug Administration after through checking recommendations of state and central committees the license was renewed. No document was demanded or objected. Suddenly documents of 2015 were declared in order to close down the blood bank. While in 2017, issuance of license is well planned conspiracy.

The project director of AIDS control society formed a committee and its chairman had asked to test blood of all donors stringently according to NACO guidelines so that there is no infection due to infected blood. But chairman and his team having little knowledge used as a weapon and presented the report dramatically. If it is correct no blood bank can operate innation. IMA office bearers in a joint statement have said that in future they would go to the root of all these and apprise Chhattisgarh government’s ministers, health secretary and director with truth. So that, there is no repetition of such incidences.


Blood supply continue at JLN Hospital after signing of MoU with Red Cross Society


The normal functioning of JLN Hospital is gradually coming back to normal after singing the MoU by the hospital with Red Cross Society. After singing the MoU in the last two days 44 surgery were performed at the hospital and besides this cesarean operations are also been performed at the hospital. 

It needs mention that after the cancellation of the license of the Blood Bank of JLN Hospital, Sector-9 on May 5 and its closure serious cases were not been admitted by JLH Hospital for the last few days. To normalise the situation BSP-CEO, M Ravi and Director I/c (M&HS) along with others convened a meeting and decided to opt for certain options to normalize the situation.

Under this the hospital management taking an initiative to overcome the affected medical services in the hospital signed a MoU with Red Cross and District Hospital Durg for supply of blood to the hospital. As per the MoU, Red Cross Society has agreed to supply 24 hour blood to JLN Hospital as per requirement. And on Friday, 3 Units of Blood were supplied to JLN Hospital by Red Cross Society. With the initiative taken by JLN Hospital the situation is normalising in the hospital.