WCR’s drive for upgradation of track from May 4 to 19

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 May 2018 12:17:54



Staff Reporter,

WCR is committed to ensure safety compounded with punctuality of running of trains within its ambit. In view of the commitment of the zonal railway a special drive has been initiated for upgradation of track from May 4. The special move across the zone would continue till May 19. On Friday under the track up gradationwork being carried out host of media people visited at Bhitoni station falling under Jabalpur division of WCR to take stock of advance technology being applied by the railway administration for track renewal and maintenance.

According to information under the highly innovative move being started by WCR to ensure safety compounded with punctuality of running of trains within its ambit. Track up gradation work along track maintenance has been taken up. The host of media who accompanied the special train to Bhitoni where track up gradation is being carried out were shown the latest machines being used for track maintenance. Apparently with sound track paves way for optimal running of train. Besides with sound track enable the train to run at high speed thus the loss of time due to poor track condition gets eliminated.

It is informed that for track renewal and maintenance various kind of machinery are being used namely BCM Temping, and DGS machine. At Bhitoni people who reached the spot were detailed on the deployment of latest machinery being used for upgradation of track. The ballast used in the track is by virtue of application of machines get refined and is again laid on the track. In the process the sleeper along with others also get maintained during the track maintenance operation.

The track up gradation work when gets underway a block is taken for the work which eventually affects the running of train in the section. However the trouble caused to passengers during block taken in the long run is highly conducive for running of trains. As after the track gets up graded enhances the speed of train that accounts for punctuality of trains. At present due to inadequate track caution orders are issued to loco pilot that eventually restrict the speed of the train from its booked speed accounts to loss of time for the running of the train.

Allegedly due to want of track up-gradation has hampered the speed of trains but with special emphasis being given to make the track to optimal standard would not only increase the speed of train that would cross 100 km/h but also would ensure punctuality of running of trains. At present within the ambit of Jabalpur division trains attain maximum of average speed of 60-70 kilometers per hour. During the on the spot demonstration of track up gradation, Divisional Rail Manager Jabalpur Dr Manoj Singh, Chief Engineer O P Tawar, Senior Divisional Engineer Vijay Pandey, Senior Divisional Operating Manager Vishwaranjan Chief Spokesperson WCR Gunjan Gupta and other senior officers were present.