Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 May 2018 10:32:37


If your aim in life is vague, your performance will also be vague, your contribution meager. If your input in life is little, your output also will be little. No human being has that sufficient foresight to build plans which need no alteration or change.

No man ever achieved worthwhile success who did not at one time or other found himself with one foot hanging over the brink of failure. Success is built on loyalty, faith, sincerity co-operation and the positive forces with which one must surcharge his environment. Whatever you want you may get if you want it with sufficient intensity and keep on wanting it.

You must believe until you get it. There is a differe n c e between wishing and actually believing that you will get it. You should treat work as a hobby. You should sleep with it, play with it, work with it, live with it and think with it. Whatever you want in life, you will get, if you want it with sufficient intensity and keep on wanting it, provided the object wanted is within reason and you actually believe that you will get it. Every achievement receives a setback before success came.

The important word is persistence. That is the real key to achievement. There was a father who used to play with his son everyday, when he returned from office. One day he was not in a mood to play with his son but the boy insisted. The father took a world map and tore it into pieces. He told his son “Today’s game is to piece together the world map”. The son went to his task with determination and in only 15 minutes, he joined the map together. Hearing this and really surprised he asked his son how he could join the map so soon. The son replied “I could see the portrait of a man behind the map.

I fixed the portrait and the world automatically became alright”. My father used to say: “The past is history the future is a mystery and the present is a gift. Believe that God puts all challenges before us with an intention to test us and keep us busy. Therefore, accept each problem as a challenge and work on it with patience and perseverance and you will never fail. To remove miseries, do everything with patience”. Be good to feel as a competent contributing member of a team. You knock down the door and ask people whether you can come in. A person changes his style according to the person he has to work with. There are three skills for productivity.

They are flexibility, diagnosis and a plan to create it. It is all in the human mind. You are in this world to see the reality and enjoy it. You can convert a reality into a glorious experience. You can also allow yourself to be upset. Henry David Thoreou wrote in his Walden Pond “I never asserted the SUN materially in rising but doubt not, it was important to be present to see it.” Refuse to accept defeat as anything more than an urge to greater effort. Instead of going down under a blow of disappointment, you can draw the sorrow through further intensity of action. Convert the greatest sorrow into a greatest asset. Transmute sorrow into a force of self-expression. You must travel in life alone. T h r o u g h  self-discip l i n e  y o u  m a y  t h i n k yourself that in any of the c i r c u m - stances of life, you can vault over and land safely.

Selfdiscipline will help you to control your mental attitude. Your mental attitude may help you to master the circumstances of life. You can convert every adversity, every defeat, every failure into an asset of equivalent scope. The Dalai Lama said: “Love is difficult to define and there may be different definitions. But one definition of love is an utter, absolute and unqualified wish for the happiness of another individual. It is a heartfelt wish for other’s happiness, regardless of whether he does something to help us, injure us or whether we like him or not. Real transformation occurs when you shift your vision from the review mirror to the wind shield.”

Once we invited a family for dinner. When it was laid on the table, the child said “What is this?” Mother scolded and silenced him “That is not a nice way to talk; say that you like the dinner.” The process of teaching dishonesty has started and you teach children how to hide feelings. All results are produced by some specific set of action. Success or failure starts with a belief, whether you believe that you can do something or believe you cannot do something, and you are right. If you tell yourself you can do something, you open up pathways that can provide you with resources for achievement.