These funny youngsters who refuse to think - II

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 May 2018 08:11:55





THE response to the last week’s ‘Loud Thinking’ was beyond imagination. As it highlighted the funny (?) method and manner of youngsters who refuse to think rationally and logically, countless scores of people, including many young persons, responded positively, mostly agreeing with the description of the wayward youngsters. Most respondents did not just agree but also expressed their chagrin over the ways vast numbers of our youngsters are following. “They are following a doomsday culture”, lamented a youngster who joined an IIT only last year. He asserted, “I never understood why they behave in such a shabby manner, think so illogically”. 

This was exactly the issue I sought to raise. I made no attempt to hide my exasperation over the funny ways of many of youngsters. Here is one story I wish to share with all:One day, one youngster, who had just passed his 12th examination with fairly good score, came home and declared to his parents, “I am going to take a break for one year. For 12th I slogged for hours. I am tired to the bone. I wish to take a break. I am not taking any entrance exam nor am I joining any tuition class. I am taking a break”.

The parents were simply shocked. “This is a critical time, dear. You have done well. You may not join any tuition class. You may choose any career and we will have no objection. But this break thing we do not understand. You are young and you are strong. Then, why this break business? You are barely 17 years in age. This is the best time for you to continue with your winning spree. Come on. Get going. Don’t laze”, they coaxed him.

But the boy did not want to do anything like this. The exasperated parents approached a counsellor as well, but to no avail. This happened two years ago. Now also, this particular boy, whose family I know fairly well, is still in the ‘break’ mode. What is he going to do about his life, I asked him once. He stared at me without any response.
But then, this is not one-off case. There are many cases like this -- of boys and girls taking breaks when everything is going well, either in studies or in jobs.

A lower middle class family was happy that their only son was doing well in studies and later too for him landing a decent job. All their financial worries seemed to be over. But then, one night, at dinner where all sat together, the boy of about 23 years declared, “Mummy, I have decided to take a break from job. I want to rest for a couple of years.”
The whole family was aghast. Incredulously, the father asked, “And what about the family? How do we survive? I will retire in a few months. What will happen to our family? We will have no income. How can you do something like this? Is this not being stupid?”

The boy was firm. “Nothing doing. I am not changing my decision. You may do whatever you wish to do.”The father cried almost violently as he narrated this sad and disastrous tale to me some months ago. What response could I offer? Except a few soft words that might have sounded hollow to the ageing man, I had nothing with me.
And there are countless of such examples ...!

I think, I have made my point clear.
My question is simple: How can these youngsters conduct themselves so irrationally, so illogically -- and of course, so stupidly?