Basoli’s event ‘Shabda, Samvad ani Roopantaran’ draws children’s imagination

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 May 2018 09:33:56


Staff Reporter,

WITH present day trend of diminishing opportunity of a dialogue between parents and their child, Basoli group had organised a programme for children to sketch their imagination, let their mind speak out, that resulted in some truly absorbing, unimaginable works of art, reflected on canvas, in the day-long activity. This was a revelation for the parents also, who simply watched , in amazement.

Basoli’s entry into its 44th year of existence, was the occasion to hold the event at Pt Bachchraj Vyas School. The Ministry of Cultural Affairs has given a slogan for the year 2018, ‘Anandi Palak, Anandi Balak’. Based on this theme, Basoli had planned the programme under the title of ‘Shabda, Samvad Ani Rupantaran’. Over 100 children and 90 Parents took active part . The event involved Parents to think of a words related to children, but parents failed to use their imagination and suggested words that reflected to the daily life, like Kanya, Janma, Shejar, Mitra, Madat, Masti, Gharte, Utsav.

In the second round, parents and children were divided into ten groups and selected words that dealt with pen names like Pilu, Sonu, Bittu, Chintu, Chiu, Babdi. There were ten children and parents in each group that interacted on the words suggested. This exercise was meant for parents to interact with children, who otherwise shoo them away by putting on the TV for them or allowing them to play with the mobile.

Parents interacted with children for over two hours. In the third round, the interaction that took place between parents and children, became the subject for depiction on canvas. The end result was simply mind-boggling for all. Speaking on the subject, Chandrakant Channe said that their motto was to bring about some interaction between parents and children, in an effort to reintroduce the diminishing trend. But it was important to introduce beauty of group task amongst children and spirit to help each other. What emerged by the end of the day was awe inspiring. Pradeep Katekar, Project Grand Father and former Education Officer inaugurated the event. Sachin Mutkure, Harshal Bhandarkar,Abhijit Joshi,Chinmay Murkute, Rucha Pardikar,Maithali Bhakre, Ganesh Nanotkar, Harshita Mardikar, Kedar Joshi, Shruti Indurkar, provided assistance to various groups. Mohan Channe, Gynesh Khorgade, Shantanu Sonwane,Prajit Rode and Kamna Tamboli guided the event organisers.