Dutika Maravi carves a niche for herself in vegetable farming

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 May 2018 11:16:30


Our correspondent

A renowned woman farmer Dutika Maravi from Rokbahar has brought an innovation in the field of agriculture with the help of Sujala Yojana. Dutika came into limelight when she managed to grow high quality vegetables using natural fertilizers made of animal dung instead of chemical fertilizers.Dutika Maravi is a famous female farmer in Pathalgaon Janpad Panchayat and an inspiration for several others. She utilized Sujala Yojana fully, thus established her dominance over many other farmers relying on chemical fertilizers. By growing three crops annually, Dutika is now a self-sufficient farmer, earning up to 30,000 per month. Dutika installed solar pump in the
2.5 acre land that she inherited and grows various varieties of vegetables in her fields. Spearheading the entire planning, sales and the marketing of her crops, she proudly claims that if women take up agriculture to produce vegetables, they can become self-sufficient by earning at least Rs 5,000 every week, leading dignified life. Currently, she has three male employees helping her with transportation of the vegetables to the marketplace. She pays them Rs 200 everyday; fulfilling the needs of their families as well. Dutika describes how even the children of her house actively help her, by doing their bit before heading to school. Talking about her progress, she gives credit to government policies and regularly consults experts to ensure proper growth.

She highlights the importance of properly understanding and utilizing government policies to avail their benefits. Expressing her gratitude for Sujala Yojana, she says that more awareness needs to be spread about this to give maximum benefits to the rural farmers.Currently, she grows cucumber, tomatoes, snake beans, ladyfingers, cluster beans, fox nut, gourd, onion, chilies, brinjals, and mixed crops of oilseeds like sunflower seeds and peanuts in summers. She managed to cut down her investment by installing solar pump under Saur Sujala Yojana, as generally farmers have to shell out a lot of money for diesel to operate the traditionally used diesel pumps. Solar
pumps are a blessing for farmers dependent on seasons and nature for the irrigation of their fields, providing them a noiseless, pollution-free method that is also cost efficient as it requires no investment for fuel.

In the modern times where most of the farmers are using chemical fertilizers for their needs, Dutika firmly believes that homemade organic fertilizers are a much healthier, effective, and cheaper alternative for chemical fertilizers that also contaminate the soil. She says that people prefer her vegetables over others as they know that she never uses chemical fertilizers. Sometimes people come all the way to her field to buy vegetables and their appreciation for her work is what gives her true happiness. She uses animal dung to make fertilizers for her crop which she believes helps in maintaining the fertility of the soil and gives a better harvest, enabling her to grow and reap benefits of three crops annually. Organic home-made fertilizers also help in fighting the problem of insects. She says that if she uses chemical fertilizers, it will be very expensive and stressful for her to harvest three cops in a single year.

It needs to be mentioned here that Jashpur district is currently the leader in execution of Saur Sujala Yojana by Chhattisgarh State Renewable Energy Development Agency (CREDA). For farmers in areas where there was water but no power for irrigation, CREDA is providing solar pumps for cheaper rates under Sujala Yojana, allowing them to produce crops of various kinds, doubling or even tripling their income.