Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 May 2018 12:01:58


 By Dr Gupta

L iver is one of the most important organ of human body. Liver disease has been prevalent for long and burden of liver disease is on the rise. Most of liver disease can be broadly divided into acute and chronic disease. Acute Liver disease means short duration liver injury, majority of these ailments leads to full recovery of liver functions after proper treatment. Hepatitis A and hepatitis E are most common acute liver disease in our country. Hepatitis A is preventable by vaccination; hepatitis E is preventable by eating and drinking hygienic food and water. Awareness on these diseases is the need of hour to curtail them at the first place. Simple personal hygiene, good eating habits is what one has to follow. Chronic liver disease comprises ailments when liver has sustained continuous injury for a long period of time (generally for years but no less than 6 months). Chronic liver disease damages liver permanently and lead to liver cirrhosis and portal hypertension. Liver cirrhosis can cause Jaundice, Ascites (fluid in abdomen), Bleeding from mouth, Hepatic encephalopathy, Kidney injury and various infections. Alcohol, Hepatits B, Hepatitis C, NASH (Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis) are common causes of Chronic liver disease. Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C spread by infected blood transfusion, mother to child, using contaminated needles, unsafe sex practices, etc. Meanwhile, Hepatitis B is preventable by vaccination. Very effective oral treatment is available for Hepatitis B and C if started at right time. NASH is the new Liver epidemic, in western countries more and more liver cirrhosis is caused by NASH, even in India NASH prevalence has been on the rise. NASH happens in patient having the disorders mentioned below-

● Diabetes

● Hypertension

● Obesity

● High cholesterol level Sedentary lifestyle, indefinite consumption of junk food, lack of physical activities and essential workouts are the factors that add to the risk of liver diseases. These are lifestyle disease and preventable by modifying our life style. This includes eating healthy food which includes green leafy vegetables, fruits, salad, egg, fish, avoiding fried and dense carbohydrate food. Exercise and diet control can prevent most of these diseases. Another preventable liver disease is alcoholic liver disease. “How much is safe alcohol” is the most common question. There is no amount which is absolutely safe. Different individuals have different alcohol tolerance. Above mentioned liver diseases constitute majority of liver disease burden in our society. Most of these diseases are preventable by either healthy life style or vaccination. All of us should take pledge to start loving our liver which can lead us to healthy and long life. It is suggested that a healthy body is the pre-requisite for healthy mind and of course and over-all healthy life. One can manage to live healthy by following few simple tips like regular body checkup, healthy eating, controlled consumption of alcohol etc. Meanwhile, the liver damage needs accurate diagnosis and expertise care. Opting a hospital having advanced world class treatments and expert panel of doctors too is equally important. Getting all facilities under one roof is preferable by the family members of patients too.

In case of Liver Transplant, one must ensure of having done the necessary formalities in co-ordination with hospital authorities to avail benefit for patients. In our country lack of awareness about the available treatments is the major issue. It is just that only some class of society is aware and rest is still follows the stereotype thinking patterns. While choosing a Hospital, the must checks are- ● Critical care facilities

● Fully equipped and state of art technology

● Following health and safety norms

● 24X7 patient monitoring system

● Expert panel of Surgeons and consultant So when it is Liver issue the TO DO includes 1. Early Diagnosis 2. Expert Consultation and 3. Right Hospital. (The author is a Consultant - Liver Transplant Surgeon)

● Live H E A L T H I E R