Vegetable prices see stupendous hike in last 15 days

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 May 2018 12:11:29


Business Bureau

Soaring prices of vegetables are burning a hole in the pockets of buyers as almost all the varieties of vegetables have witnessed stupendous hike in last 15 to 20 days. Prices of some of the vegetable like cauliflower, capsicum and tomato have doubled,while green vegetables including spinach and coriander have seen hike of 120 to 150 per cent over the period.Cauliflower that was sold at a price of Rs 8-10 per kg in the first week of May in the wholesale market has gone up to a level of Rs 15-20 per kg on Sunday. Price of brinjal has gone up from Rs 4-5 per kg to Rs 10-12 per kg; cabbage was available at Rs 4-5 per kg about 15 days back but on Sunday it was sold at Rs 10 per kg. Tomatoes have gone up from Rs 4-5 per kg to Rs 12 per kg while coriander has jumped from Rs 12-15 per kg to Rs 40-45 per kg over the same period. Capsicum posted hike of about Rs 15 as its price went up from Rs 10-15 per kg to Rs 25-30 per kg.

Spinach has seen highest price rise as it jumped from Rs 2-5 per kg to Rs 15-20 per kg. Price of ladies fingers, too, has gone up from Rs 25-30 per kg to Rs 40 per kg in wholesale market. Though hike in vegetable in the month of May is a common phenomenon, it has raised eyebrows of many buyers especially the housewives. “I was expecting the prices to go up as temperature is rising every passing day. But I am surprised to see that the prices went up within no time,” said one of the buyers, requesting not to disclose her identity.Ram Mahajan, a wholesaler, said that the arrival of vegetables from nearby places has come down drastically. “Most of the farmers in the district and those located in the region have exhausted their crop. And thus supply of vegetables has slashed by 50-55 per cent,” he said.

Mahajan said that the supply is likely to dip further in June. “As of now we are dependent on farmers who have irrigation facility. But they will also exhaust vegetables very soon,” he said. At present farmers based in places like Multai, Paratwada, Katol, Saoner Parshioni and Ramtek among others are supplying vegetables in the Nagpur markets. Apart from this, farmers in Chhindwara, Jalgaon, Sangamner and Buldhana are also supplying some varieties of vegetables. Mahajan said that scorching heat is also pushing up the prices. “In such a hot climatic conditions, it becomes very difficult for the vegetable growers to arrange labourers. They have to pay extra bucks to the labourers which is another reason for price rise,” he added.

Another wholesale vegetable dealer– who preferred not to be quoted told The Hitavada, increased fuel prices have also been playing major role in the vegetable price rise. “The farmers have been paying heavy price for transportation as petrol and diesel prices have gone up significantly in the current season,” he said. The wholesales said that many farmers based in far off places are shying away from supplying vegetables to Nagpur because of fuel prices are very high.