‘Mind pollution, root cause of environment pollution’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 May 2018 09:16:24


By Rajendra Diwe,

“The present increase in environmental pollution is a direct result of human mind pollution. The best way to control mind pollution is to practice spiritual principles. Once, people get rid of mind pollution, the environment pollution will be controlled automatically,” said Vedaravi Shangar, Vedanta, Research service provider and Trainer at Vedic and Scientific Research Foundation, ISRO, DRDO & CSIR.

Vedaravi was in city to deliver a lecture on “Mind and Environment Management Your Self-esteem Bringing Solution, Minenviron Education” at National Environmental Engineering Research Institution (NEERI).

Talking to ‘The Hitavada’ at NEERI Guest House, Vedaravi explained the relationship of mind with environment. He pointed out, “The outside environment is only a reflection of the inside environment of the mind either positive or negative or wise, once we realised by all, solving global environment issues will become very easy. When extreme selfishness is resorted to, we naturally forget the impact of our actions on others or nature. This is how state of Nature is connected with the inner nature of human beings.”

Vedaravi is a direct disciple of His Holiness Sri Ramakrishnananda Saraswati Swami, Atharva Veda Sankaracharya of Sri Vidya Peetam (Rishikesh).
With the motivation of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, President of India, His Holiness Sri Ramakrishnananda Saraswathi Swami has formed Vedic and Scientific Research Foundation (VSRF) to explore the scientific knowledge hidden in Indian ancient Vedic Knowledge and to serve the society by bridging Science and Spirituality.

Stating that human nature could be identified through his mentality, Vedaravi stated, “Mentality of a person is controlled by his own mind. It is the element inside the body of human being which brings thousands of though waves per day. Mind also enables a person to know about the outer world, realise experiences, to think, to feel etc. Thus, mind can be termed as a faculty of consciousness and thoughts. Pollutant is a substance which has poisonous or harmful effect on environment or nature. If a human mind is termed as the foundation of his own nature or personality, the six evils like Kama (desire), Krodha (anger), Lobha (miserliness), Moha (avariciousness), Mada (ego), and Matsar (jealousy) are the major pollutants that harm the mind.”

Mind pollution is directly proportional to Environmental pollution, because, nature never harms the environment but those who live in this earth only create the environmental pollution even all creation based on their own quality and quantity. In this, Human is major impact of environmental pollution through Mind.

As per research, Mind Pollution is higher than environmental pollution. To create this pollution human mind use more science and technology in many forms. Mind is design of the Human Life and Earth Life either positive or negative or wise. Environmental pollution can be classified in terms of Air, Water, Space, Fire, Earth, Sound, Light, Electronic goods and many others types of pollution.

The entire environment has its connections with human sensors like Fire with Eyes, Water with Nose, Earth with Body, Space with Ear and Air with Nose. Mind wave has two parts; Brain waves in the form of Knowledge and Heart waves in the form of Emotion. Synchronisation of both waves gives pure wise mind otherwise positive or negative. Mind is bridge between human and nature. It works either wise or positive or negative based on food, house, dress and others depending on the thoughts, he added.

Vedaravi mentioned, “With the advancement of science and technology, human mind started finding new avenues to satisfy his own ego by the exploitation of nature. There is a rise in six pollutants of human mind because of extra knowledge, education and technology. It is therefore a need of hour to realise these pollutants and find remedies to control them to curb mind pollution.”

Vedaravi highlighted some techniques to protect human from mind pollution. He said, “Earth rotates through electromagnetic fields similar every creation has their own electromagnetic radiation like aura. This mind pollution breaks this radiation, once broken, it breaks many issues in body, mind and energy. A person must understand his system of body, give values and respect body, maintain and enhance his own self-esteem through own religions, parents, culture, traditional and scientific practice.”