Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 May 2018 12:13:23









THE Indian Army is doing exemplary civil action in the Jammu region of Kashmir. That should prove to be a major confidence-building force in an atmosphere otherwise filled with mutual suspicion, bordering on acrimony. The more the Army people and the civilian population interact in a positive and creative manner, sharing each other’s predicaments and needs, the greater will be the understanding between the two sides, whose common cause is peace building. There are forces active in the troubled Kashmir State to malign the forces and paint them as foes. The Army has to work hard to wipe out this impression among the masses and extend the hand cooperation in multifarious human activities of the people, whose lives have been shattered due to endless militancy. While fighting hostile forces, through ‘Operation Sadbhavana’ the Army is seeking to help people to rebuild their lives, engaging with youth, striving for women’s empowerment, helping in skill development to raise their employability. This initiative is certain to have a positive impact.


THE news of killing of six Maoists in an encounter with security forces in Odisha’s Kandhamal and Balangir districts is a stern warning to the red rebels that the forces are now determined to eliminate Naxalites who have been hindering the process of development of the region and making life of the people miserable. The security forces, under a unified command under the supervision of Ministry of Home Affairs had launched a movement against the Maoists and now the desired results for the same are discernible. In Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra, parts of MP, Bihar, Telangana the Maoists are running their network, which one by one the security forces have been able to smash. The killing of Naxalites by the security forces is indication that the red rebels are now more vulnerable. The Government recently removed 44 districts from the list of LWE affected areas indicating that the Naxal influence has significantly reduced due to steps taken by the authorities. Now, the war is at a significant turn of decisiveness.