Private bus stand at Seoni is in a pathetic state

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 May 2018 10:25:11


Our Correspondent

The private bus stand of Seoni, considered to be pride of the city, has lost its prestige as passengers suffer due to mismanagement of affairs by private bus stand operators. All passenger amenities in the bus stand are out of order causing serious trouble to passengers in present summer season. The fans installed in the waiting hall are mere show pieces besides the drinking water supply has dried up for over the months.
According to information, passengers who have to stay at the bus stand have harrowing time in absence of essential services. The private bus stand has different set-up as compared to government bus stand. All private buses that stop here are charged halting charges. Apart from halting charges several other charges are being leveled on passengers who board bus from the bus stand.

Height of indifference at the bus stand has been that even as summer has entered the most cruel stage, none of the fans installed within the bus stand campus are ever found working. Another trouble has been non-availability of drinking water. The water cooler and other supply system have also gone out of order which makes the stay of passengers an uncomfortable task.Around 250-300 buses plying in various directions to Nagpur, Balaghat, Jabalpur and adjoining areas make use of the private bus stand. Despite the fact that large numbers of buses move in and out from here, the sorry state of affairs has caused serious resentment. Various social organisations have demanded attention from administration to instruct private bus stand management to provide essential services at the bus stand.