Tourist pressure affecting reproduction capacity of Bandhavgarh tigers!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 May 2018 10:54:12


Staff Reporter

BANDHAVGARH Tiger Reserve is known for its good population of tigers which attracts thousands of tourists every year. However, information sought by RTI activist Ajay Dubey under RTI Act says that according to report of Hyderabad’s reputed lab CCMB, reproduction capacity of Bandhavgarh tigers is reducing regularly under the pressure of tourists.
Ajay Dubey claimes that according to CCMB report stress of tourists is bringing chemical changes into felines and their reproduction capacity is decreasing constantly. However, Government had rejected the scientific finding of CCMB. This study was conducted last year.

It was CCMB lab scientist Dr G Umapati, who did study of tigers of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and mentioned that under the pressure of tourists, chemicals related to stress were found in tigers residing in tourism zones and are leaving adverse effect on their reproduction capacity. In response to this, then PCCF (wildlife) Jitendra Agrawal and Indian Wild Life Institution’s scientist Dr Jhala said that scientific study may be correct but it is not possible to connect them directly with tourist as in comparison to other region, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve has more tiger density and felines have to struggle with each other for food and territory.

If their reproduction capacity is being affected then tiger density of reserve should come down in recent years but nothing happened. Hence, finding of CCMB is not correct. Ajay Dubey said that he welcomes the report of CCMB and wants the Government to take appropriate action by taking the report seriously. He said instead of taking care of tourism lobby, Government should make honest efforts for security and conservation of tigers.Notably, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve attracts tourists from all over India and even foreign countries and they come in hordes to have a glimpse of tigers.