Astrology can predict what genetics does: Dr Vazalwar

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 16 May 2018 09:28:48


By Ajay Mardikar,

His doctoral research on this subject has been published in a book form

The genetic engineering has developed into a major research through which possibility of a person developing health problems at a particular age can be predicted. The same is possible through astrology.

Dr Aniruddha Vazalwar, a keen researcher in the field of astrology, claims that the same predictions are possible by carefully studying the horoscope. Dr Vazalwar delivered an important lecture at Pune, explaining connection of astrology with genetics. A large number of astrologers from various parts of the country attended the programme and appreciated his efforts to place the ancient Indian science of astrology on the parameters of modern science. He was awarded doctoral degree by Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University for his research titled ‘Astro-Quest Correlation of Astrology with Modern Science’, itself speaks volumes about his direction of thinking. The research of this kind is the first in the world and first Ph D in astrology in Maharashtra.

Talking to The Hitavada, Dr Vazalwar stated that the concept of ‘Grah’ has been termed as stars by modern science. Even Moon, which is not a star, is called ‘Grah’ in astrology. The term ‘Grah’ means ‘from where we receive or derive something’. In astrology what is derived is energy from these ‘Grah’.

It has been proved by the modern science that every star and planet have their own magnetic field like gravitation force of the Earth. This magnetic field is defined and therefore they move in a definite orbit. Any breach in this magnetic field leads to creation of meteoroids. It has also been proved that the energies of different stars affect life on Earth. Dr Vazalwar compares this with the energy in animal or plant body. The ancient Indian science also believed that the body is made of five elements.

The definite impact of the Grah in the universe at the time of birth also defines the entire life of an individual, which is studied under astrology.
Dr Vazalwar is a researcher in the field and refuses to indulge in general predictions. He emphasises correct formation of the horoscope and his predictions are based on it only.

Dr Vazalwar started studying astrology with seriousness at the age of 48, when Indian Medical Association had organised a conference on astrology, with the initiative of Dr Shrikant Jichkar. The members of Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti had displayed posters of horoscopes and started beating them with footwear to lodge their protest. The opposition in this fashion strengthened Dr Vazalwar’s determination and resolve to continue his research work. His doctoral research has been published in a book form. Another book is in the pipeline.

As DNA is an important source of information in confirming identity of a person, genetic inheritance is also accepted through modern science. Horoscope is also a form of genetics. As genetics prevents inbreeding, the astro science also prevents inbreeding in the form of ‘Sapinda Vivah’. The genetic mutation has been studied by modern science and junk genes affect body organs to cause health problem. This can also be predicted by careful study of the horoscope. Dr Vazalwar also explains formation of cell, role of amino acids in its formation, imbalance of these factors, dominant and recessive genetic characters. The study which is known to be not less than 5,000 years old, cannot be condemned. Those opposing should study it and then its credibility can be argued.