Source: The Hitavada      Date: 16 May 2018 12:07:09











THERE are two guilty parties in the massacre of 41 Palestinian people on Monday: The Palestinian Army and US President Mr. Donald Trump. The Palestinian people were legitimately demonstrating against the move by the US to locate its embassy in Jerusalem and recognise arbitrarily that holy city as the capital of Israel. The move is no less than diplomatic hooliganism by the Trump Administration as the decision is in total violation of international consensus. The city is a disputed area with the Palestinians looking to it as their future capital. Thus both Israel and Palestine are laying claim on Jerusalem and hence it is part of the larger 

dispute between the two States. In such a situation the Trump Administration had no business to stoke the fires by moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The blame for Monday’s massacre of Palestinians hence squarely lies at the door of Mr. Trump. But it appears that Mr. Trump revels in such highhanded decisions, brazenly trampling upon international norms and treaties. His latest being the Iranian nuclear deal.


THAT fatigued cricket fans are switching off their TV sets after 11 pm as most matches in the current edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) are extending into the midnight, is surely the case of overkill. Most matches in the current edition of the IPL are seeing edge-of-the-seat finishes, with uncertainty hanging over the games till the last over, making the matches highly interesting. In spite of this, it is no surprise that the fans are switching off their TV as they are unlikely to stay awake till midnight every day for the entire duration of the IPL season which extends up to 50 days. This is asking too much from the avid fans. The anxiety of the TV broadcaster over drastic drop of TRP due to this is understandable as the company has pumped in huge amount of money to win the broadcast rights in a fiercely fought auction. But there is a lesson to the organisers. They cannot take the fans for granted all the time. Organisers have also to take into account the comforts of the fans. Otherwise the fans are bound to turn their backs on the game. And that, will be disastrous.